Vivo V20, V20 Pro Review:

The vivo v20 pro and the standard vivo v20. so these are two affordable mid ranges from vivo now I know what you might have noticed already is that both of these phones still have notches. I mean that’s a very outdated design for late 2020 but both these phones have good reasons to house a notch. because they are probably the most impressive front facing camera hardware in all smartphones right now, so both of these phones rock a 44 megapixel selfie camera 44 megapixel that’s insane so you notice that the pro model has a slightly larger notch that’s because it houses a secondary 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera but make no mistake the star of the show is the 44 megapixel selfie camera.

Now there’s one more thing of interest with the standard v20 is that this phone runs android 11 out of the box and technically this is the very first phone to ship to hit the market with android 11. it beat the google pixel 5 to the market by like a week or two so I’ll go over the main selling point which is the selfie camera in a bit let’s look at the overall specs first so the specs between these two phones are very similar other than the processor and the selfie camera, so the lack of one right here so both of these phones have a 6.44 inch oled display with a resolution of 2400 by 1080.

You can see it’s a very nice looking vibrant punch screen unfortunately it is only a 60 hertz refresh rate not 90 not 120 that’s a disappointment now they have the exact same back camera too you have a 64 megapixel main camera right here up front. and then you have an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera and then a 2 megapixel depth sensor now by now. I think we already know that these 2 megapixel depth sensor macro lens are kind of useless they’re kind of decoration so we can look at this as really just a dual camera system a 64 megapixel main lens and then eight megapixel ultra wide lens with 105 degree field of vision.

So both these phones run on 8k gram with 4 000 milliamp hour battery they’re both pretty sleek with thickness of 7.4 millimeters and they both ship with this really nice matte glass back too so it definitely feels nice in the hand now we’re going to see a difference is in processor so this one runs on a snapdragon 765 g while the standard v20 runs on a snapdragon 720 g so really three differences between these two phones the pro has an extra selfie camera the pro is a slightly more powerful processor and the standard v20 runs on android 11 while the pro runs on android 10.

Now unfortunately vivo did not tell me pricing for these two devices but looking at the specs and hardware the fact that does not have a high refresh panel I’m pretty sure this will be very very affordable I’m guessing under 400 bucks okay so since these two phones are so similar I can put down the standard v20 now and just kind of focus on this one until I get to the android 11 part.

So let’s look at the selfie camera so remember when I talk about the selfie camera on this phone it applies to both phones so 44 megapixel selfie camera that’s a lot of pixels to play with. and also the it has an f 2.0 aperture so you’re getting a pretty nice natural depth of field even without going into portrait mode but there are also many different features that vivo’s built into the selfie camera so the first is eye autofocus, so it’s very similar to the technology in the sony cameras meaning as soon as your face gets in the frame the camera locks onto your eye. so you can keep chat to your face so that’s perfect for people who love taking selfies or if they’re vlogging and you’re going to want to vlog with this phone too because it can shoot 4k 60fps selfie video that’s really damn high quality for a front facing camera. and you also have slow motion selfies.

This is a trick that apple introduced the iphone now you can get this on the vivo v20 pro and the standard v20 and just overall the front facing camera it’s really well performing. other cameras including the galaxy s20 fe or the microsoft duo or the galaxy phone and you’ll see that dynamic range is also much better than even the iphone 11 pro max like keep in mind the iphone 11 pro max. I take pictures in front of a backlit situation you know which is a challenging shot because you have light blue coming in behind your head the vivo v20 is able to identify my face to expose it properly and also not blow out the lights behind me whereas the iphone 11 pro could not do that now vivo’s built in a lot of beauty filters into its selfie camera algorithm. and these to be honest they’re a little bit scary how much it does.I mean what type of beauty filter to apply to your face so you can make your chin longer or shorter you can make your face wider or skinnier you can make your nose more prominent or a little bit flatter you can make your eyes bigger now shooting videos with the selfie camera looks good like.

I said you can show up to 4k 60 but if you lower it down to 4k 30 you can shoot with stabilization on and the stabilization for a front-facing camera is really good all right enough of the selfie camera now let’s talk about the main camera system so 64 megapixel camera shoots pixel bin photos. I think for the most part in this mid-tier current entry-level price range photos turn out really nice at night.

I think it suffers a little bit in terms of dynamic range and noise but you can always turn on night mode to fix that like in general if you’re taking pictures during the day with this camera I don’t have any complaints I really like that you have a macro mode that you can use. I think that’s very fun to play with an ultra wide angle camera it’s okay it’s not going to blow me.

Away but it’s definitely serviceable as long as you shoot during the day all right now let’s move on to the standard v20 because this is still running android 10. this runs android 11 the first phone in the world to do so at least um to ship with android 11. so let’s look at what android 11 has to offer so android 11 is not a huge huge upgrade over android. it’s gonna feel mostly similar to android 10 except you get a couple of new features so the first is notification history now you can check out all your notifications that’s come through in the past seven days that’s pretty helpful for me as someone who gets a lot of notifications that pop up and usually I have a bad habit of just swiping them away sometimes. I’ve swiped it before I’ve even really read it then later I’ll be like oh what just came through I want to check it now.

I can jump into settings and check that right away the second thing is android wants to make multitasking a little bit easier for you. so now you have chat bubbles or chat heads built into android 11. so if you use Facebook messenger you know what chat heads are to be honest i find them a little bit annoying but some people like them. so now if I have Whatsapp or rechat I can minimize the chat into a little bubble that floats onto the home screen so android 11 also prioritizes media control so for example let’s say I’m playing music in spotify and I closed the app now if I swipe down I have my widget up here now you’re thinking we’ve had widgets in the notification panel for years but now android will prioritize this widget to have it always at the top whereas in previous versions of android this might be pushed all the way down.

If I have a bunch of notifications coming in and this change makes sense because if you’re listening to a podcast or you’re listening to music you want to have quick access to your controls so android is now smart enough to put this at the very top no matter if you have a bunch of new facebook messages or Whatsapp messages coming in so there are a couple more features of android 11. I haven’t gone over yet but the fact that vivo did not get in the way of these new features they are all here I’m quite a fan of that so overall performance with these two phones I’ve had no issue you know snapdragon 765 g and snapdragon 720 are both very capable socs and the 4 000 million hour battery here is enough to last all day so really my only gripe with these phones is the notch.

I’m just not a fan of notches anymore ┬ádon’t think it’s a clean look even though I understand why it has to be there and I wish there was a higher refresh rate because 60 hertz is just not enough for me right now but then again I’m someone who’s used to using 1500 flagships this phone’s going to be one-third or maybe one-fourth of that price so certainly that’s about it for this video of the vivo v20 pro and the vivo v20. I have a lot more stuff coming up in the next couple of days including on the iphone 12 and the huawei mate 40 pro.

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