Vivo Apex Hands-On Review:

This is the more seamless smartphone that I’ve held in my hand actually a lot of times you don’t even if you’re holding the device upside down but that is truly because this is a free-flowing device they’ve named it quite well with the liquid design and I think this is one of the prettiest phones that I’ve ever used now I’ll begin with the in display fingerprint scanner because that is the one that I feel is the most utilitarian on this Mart phone right now vivo again a brand that broad in display fingerprint scanners to the market one of the first players and also sold millions of units to people with consumer grade hardware but this is something that we’ve never seen before a hole almost six inch area that can act as an in display fingerprint scanner for you.

So anywhere I die upon this display it’s an in display fingerprint scanner for me see that that really works like magic doesn’t matter where I put my finger I just put it in the most comfortable place that I can and it unlocks the display it also has two finger authentication which is cool technology which just simply means that you’ll need both your right and your left number two fingers to unlock the phone and that is cool and all that is more secure of course but I don’t think that’s practical people use their phones mostly with one hand and needing two fingers to unlock their phone is not something I think is very practical also.

I think making the entire display into an in display fingerprint scanner that works this well is going to be expensive and if you are actually going to be spending so much money why not spend that money on a secure face unlock that uses a few sensors I understand the in display fingerprint scanner was brought so that you won’t need a separate camera module that comes as a notch on this phone but we’ve already has the pop-out mechanism nailed and with the renders that we’re seeing for the Oppo Reno we can see bigger cut-outs coming out so why not have a cut-out that has all the sensors and can get face unlock down I think putting more and more money into fingerprint sensor technology which is slightly an older technology is not really worth it and although vivo has nailed this technology and has in display fingerprint scanners working almost perfectly I don’t see myself using in-display fingerprint scanners in the next three or four years and I think face and lock is a much better morph.

You stick method now we come to pressure-sensitive buttons they are a trip to use for sure do I see it as a viable option I do actually not in this form but yes I do see pressure sensitive buttons working I say that not particularly because of the apex but because my most favorite piece of hardware on my MacBook is that force touch trackpad and that uses the same pressure-sensitive technology same idea the trackpad piece doesn’t physically move but the haptic engine makes you feel like you’re clicking the same thing that happens on the vivo apex what’s the need is one question that comes up we’re happy with a regular buttons then why do we need a pressure-sensitive button well for one it’s a good thing to have as less cut outs as possible on the phone and if you have a physical button then it’s an extra card out also it’s another moving part and as a lot of people know in technology.

We try to minimize the number of moving parts inside a device so that it can run for longer periods of time but that shouldn’t be the only reason right well I think pressure-sensitive buttons have a lot more opportunity than that well once the button is not hardware and software controllable like the pressure-sensitive buttons here the opportunities are endless you can have levels of presses with varying levels of pressure like maybe changing volumes at varying speeds so maybe you want to change volume slowly maybe you want to change it quicker you can also have those buttons customized for different apps for different utilities as well the power button maybe could have three levels of pressure for example the first level might help you unlock or lock the phone the second level may invoke the Google assistant the third level may let you go to the power menu and let you shutdown or restart the phone.

These applications seem viable because I have loved my Mac-book trackpad and there are a ton of application that this uses and I think pressure sensitivity coming to the buttons can be a huge boon but if implemented correctly another little turn to it could be if we can make the frame a touch sensor which means then it can be a pressure sensor but also a touch sensor which means that maybe you can scroll through the entire UI without having to touch the screen you can just swipe from the right or the left of the phone maybe you can change volumes by just swiping just making gestures on the frame of the phone and you can easily do things like that control music watch video scroll through video maybe even customize different controls for games and use all the different controls to get a next-level experience with gaming.

I think all these options are very viable and if implemented correctly this could really be a very interesting futuristic option now we come to the fact that this one has no ports this is an easy one for me with wireless charging data transfer which includes Bluetooth an audio listening as well it does make sense that future phones don’t need ports anymore in fact I can tell you that I’m using the iPhone 10s Mac’s as my primary device and I don’t have a lightning cable already cannot take my earphones in because there’s no headphone jack so I’m using Bluetooth earphones anyway and I actually lost the lightning cable for that phone now for the past 3-4 weeks I’ve just been charging the phone with wireless charger.

So literally no cables so even if my iPhone 10s max did not have a port did not have the charging port I would still have no problems with it I have a wireless charger at home a few in the office so I don’t really see or use for it even if you have just one wireless charger with you can charge any of these phones you it doesn’t matter if it’s a Google phone or an iPhone or a Huawei phone or a Samsung phone or a vivo phone if it’s a wireless charger it will charge all of them eliminating the use of proprietary ports and proprietary cables that I think is the future that we should be looking at that’s a unifying tech future and I think that makes complete and absolute sense last futuristic thing that I found on this is that there is no speaker gorilla as well.

So what it does is that the body vibrates using sensors in the audio range that is 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz and produces the sound that you want to hear now generally piezoelectric sensors haven’t worked well the v1 X actually implemented that and the quality was quite bad in this we haven’t been able to test the earpiece quality because again this is an e SIM phone and we have not been able to do that but the speaker quality the quality of outputting mainly outputting audio from this has been actually quite surprising the way I see it last year’s vivo apex was almost completely translated into the vivo necks and sold to the consumers that I don’t think is going to happen this year the vivo apex to the all-new vivo apex is a far more futuristic device and I think it’s far ahead of its curve and I don’t see a lot of it coming to the vivo next to a point of information here the v1x dual display.

That came out in the middle it’s not the v1 x – it’s called the v1 x dual display and the one that we will see this year will be called the v1 x 2 so for the v1 x 2 I don’t think vivo will be putting out phones that has no port so I don’t think the v1 x 2 will have no ports I think it they’ll have a few ports because they’re going have to sell it to the consumers and I don’t think at this point someone who is at least not a very tech savvy and has a few phones at his or her disposal I don’t think they’re going shift to a phone that has no ports I’m going take that risk I think this is expensive tech although I think this has been implemented very beautifully also the fact that I can register the finger with just two taps that is the fastest fingerprint registration.

That F ever done now that fact alone added with the exceptional speed and reliability and accuracy of this thing I think in display fingerprint scanners with covering more area at least half of it maybe the bottom half is something I can expect to see from the v1 x – the fact that today where brands like Samsung and Huawei are not even letting tech journalists play with their devices not even in front of them let alone back at home or at the office and the fact that we were is actually shipping out these concept phones with crazy technology or to people without fearing that there might be a backlash in marketing or they might be a backlash of opinion.

I think this is being risky I think this is how you push the envelope and I think vivo is really pushing the envelope in a tangible way this was a quick look at the future with the vivo apex please let me know what you thought of all this futuristic tech let me know what you actually think about all this tech what are your thoughts is there anything that you would change about them is there any other tag that you would want to see in smartphones let us know in that in the comment sections I’m pretty sure all smartphone manufacturers are out there this YouTube as a platform become very strong and I am pretty sure that they’re keeping a close eye on what you say as well so let us know in the comment section.

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