Sony WH-910 H. Ear on 3 review:

Sony makes some of the best noise canceling headphones in the business. now I personally I’m a huge fan of the companies WH 1000x mach3 but let’s face it not everybody can splurge upwards of a piece 27,000 on a pair of brand-new headphones. now that’s where the companies all new hair on three WH 9 1 0 n comes into the picture which brings the best of the flagship Mark three headphones to a relatively affordable price point.

I know the sound of a headphone makes or breaks it sale but the design plays a pivotal role – now to that note the Sony WH 99 draws a lot of inspiration in terms of design from the flagship WH 1000x mach3 headphones now that’s not to say that these headphones are a carbon copy of the flagship model.

But I’m sure the eagle-eyed among you must have noticed a difference already the hair on three has been constructed in in tightly using plastic whereas you’ll be able to find traces of metal in the build of the flagship model furthermore the m3 speech earth take a padding or the headband along with more pronounced ear cups with Prussia cushioning – and since we are on the topic the panning of the Huron 3 features a matrix pattern which brings a touch of panache to the pair’s otherwise minimalistic design something that’s not present on the m3s ear cups at a close press briefing folks at Sony told me.

That they’ve reworked the company’s logo on the new model making it seem more pronounced thankfully the company’s branding or the cans is still subtle enough to not give the impression of a gaudy billboard advertisement the headphones in general have a minimalistic design which I’m sure will appeal to a lot of buyers unfortunately the company is only bringing the black color variant of the pair to India which is a bummer as I’m sure the headphones would have stood out more in the orange and green hues available elsewhere the on threes definitely lost some style points.

Here moving on I quite like the power and ANC button which by the way is reprogrammable on the hair on trees which have been positioned on the left ear cup as they aren’t too mushy and offered a decent tactile feedback you’ll also get a USB type-c port for charging along with a headphone jack which will come in handy should the pair run out of charge and that’s what all similar to the flagship model the wh9 10n also comes with touch controls that can be accessed from the right ear cup.

So you can swipe up or down to increase or decrease the volume and swipe left or right to change the music track a double tap will play or pause the music and long press will invoke the smart assistant of your choice be it Siri Alexa or Google assistant and my favorite feature from Sony’s flagship headphones has made its way on the here Andris too so instead of constantly disabling the ANC feature you can simply place your hand on the I do cup to hear what’s going on in the outside world this is particularly useful when you’re at an airport and want to quickly listen to an announcement as for the rest of the touch controls they both well for the most part.

But there were times when the headphones failed to register my commands promptly it’s only here on three is aces in my book when it comes to comfort – now the headphone is of the ovary or variety but it is noticeably more compact than the Mach 3 or other competing headphones in the same price range you can even fold the ear cups and pack the headphones in a nylon pouch which comes bundled with the retail box coming back to the Comfort though the here on three offers just the right amount of clamping force and although.

The padding or the headband doesn’t seem like much I was able to comfortably wear the pair for over two hours without feeling anywhere fatigued my ears did get warm after some time had passed but that’s the case with most if not all other headphones – at least with the hair on three I didn’t sweat into the questioning all in all the on threes design stands out not because it’s unique but because it’s functional – it’s very code spec wise the Sony WH 99 is backed by a pair of 25mm dome shape drivers which opposition side each hair Cup.

Now the headphones are Huayra certified and can operate across a frequency range of five Hertz to 40,000 kilohertz now provided you cannot share out the extra money for a high high fidelity streaming service like tidal you do get the company’s dsee HX tech onboard which essentially obscures the quality of mp3s – lossless music as for the codecs the Sony headphones the Sony WH 910 and they come with support for L doc AAC and SVC which should pretty much cover all the bases,

The headphones performance firstly while the low-end output isn’t as impactful it’s not half bad either the beats do offer his factory thump which makes listening to popular hip-hop songs fun a fringe benefit of the same is that the low end doesn’t interfere with the rest of the frequencies and you get a cleaner more natural or the output from the headphones when compared to say the mach threes furthermore the low end has minimal decay and the headphones quickly transition from one beat to the next so you won’t hear a beat linger around for long either a good example of the same is make it burn them by Skrillex or track which has a ton of chaotic beats which all somehow make sense when relayed through the hair on three that’s partly why the mid-range of the hair on three struck out to me in the first place.

Now I was expecting the headphones in typical Sony fashion would there were slightly darker recessed vocals but somehow the pair preserved the tonality of a singer’s voice completely and that just made listen to acoustic blues that more fun maximum or dislike Luis Capaldi sounds phenomenal on the headphones and it helps out the pair isn’t simulate either so even when the artist is pushing the pipes to the absolute limit you won’t feel the urge to turn down the volume on the hair on Three’s ad as the audio won’t bite or hiss in your ears now you can enjoy listening to rock songs on the hair on three but honestly the soundstage feels a little too constricted for my liking now it’s definitely wider on the mark threes the flagship model and the imaging could have been better too.

But if you’re only listening to all rock songs which don’t have a lot of instruments and very little drifts then you’ll be fine but if you want to listen to chaotic metal ballads on the hair on three then well I’ll be honest with you the sound quality is not very good or the tracks go muddy really quickly especially at fire volume levels but on the wall the hair on threes offer a good listening experience now compared to the flagship Mach 3 model from the company they offer cleaner a more clearer sound output but they miss out on the depth in the bass and they also don’t offer a richer sound as rich sound output as the mach 3 do now if you’re a frequent traveler then you love the battery backup on the hair on three which per the company can last up to 35 hours of a single charge and sure enough I only charge the cans once in a span of five days with my usage including listening to music watching videos for around three hours everyday suffice.

It to say it’s very hard to kill the battery on the hair on three but it’s equally tedious to charge it back as the headphones take around five hours to reach full charge thankfully you can get a two point five hour top up off a ten minute charge for when you’re in a rush but that is contention too if you’re using a fast charging USB prick of course these are ENC headphones so you can muffle the chatter charger in your office to some degree now the quality of the NC is really good but it’s not the pender of silence I’d associated with the flagship mach3 headphones or the bose 700 headphones.

Which ones recently for that matter but it gets pretty close you also get adaptive sound control with a pair of feature which has trickled down from the mach 3 which automatically detects if you’re walking or sitting and changes the sound settings automatically as for the app you can pair the hear on three to Sony’s headphone connect app which lets you change the headphones EQ variate the NC levels and change the function of the custom button the app has a minimalistic UI and has all the options label neatly so no complaints here so the Sony WH 99 or the here on three retail for rupees 20,990 and for the price they do bring a lot of convincing features like ANC good sound quality a very comfortable design and a long lasting battery life unfortunately.

The pricing of the headphones is just not very competitive and for peace 2000 mode you could get the flagship Mach 3 headphone for from websites like headphones on and whatnot also if you are willing to save some money then you could actually get the Skullcandy venue which retails for just would be thirteen thousand rupees and for that price it offers very good ANC much deeper bass than what you would get with a hair on three and it comes with support for tile as well so as things stand the here on three are excellent headphones but it’s very hard to recommend them at their current pricing so what I would instead do is wait for these headphones to go on sale and when they are semi Dino eighty thousand rupees well at that price point or here on three is a no-brainer but guys that wraps up my full review of the Sony here on three headphones do let me know in the comments below.

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