Sony WF 1000XM3 Review:

Last year when everything was all right and the world was not in such a bad shape a couple of my journalist friends actually picked up the Sony wf000xm3 while on their way back from a press conference abroad now quite a few people were on that trip and they managed to actually check them out and test them out and they were raving about the noise cancelling capabilities and of course the sound quality of these truly wireless ear-buds .

The w1000xm3 charging case is definitely massive in comparison to the tiny cases I’ve tested lately you can get these earphones in two colorways silver and black ours is actually the silver variant but it looks more like a dual shade of bronze on the lid and a clayish gray shade on the box and of course the earbuds as well now at the bottom you get a type c port scooped out into a cavity and opening the lid with one hand is possible which is but it is not the smoothest experience as such a lot of that is because holding the entire case with one hand is kind of difficult to begin with once the lid is open you will see an led indicator light that showcases the charge level of the case similarly.

You get led indicators on the buds themselves now as for the buds these are constructed in a triple layer structure you have the board with the silicon slash foam tip I’ve used the foam tip here that enters into your ears and the bore is attached to a rubberized extended portion to secure an even tighter seal so it doesn’t fall off your ears which is further attached to a bigger housing which I presume has the six millimeter driver units per bud and the crazy noise cancelling wizardry inside it by the way the w1000xm3 employs a dual noise canceling technology using both feedback and feed forward mics on each buds if you want to know more about feedback and feed forward microphone technology.

I have linked the handy explainer in the description below you should read it and understand for yourself anyway this tech makes it doubly effective at noise cancelling and this hybrid method is by far the best way to do nc and see it’s noise canceling that’s what I’m going to refer it uh in the future paragraphs now what I noticed is that they managed to effectively block out the constant word of a fan with the ease of gravitating the boundary with a forward defensive stroke but yes uneven sounds like people talking is still at all asked from something as tiny as this what I particularly like about the nc on these is that it doesn’t create a vacuum in your head I have to mention this more than half the reason why the nc is so great on the Sony w1000xm3 is because Sony has used the proprietary noise cancelling processor qn1 e ported directly from the more expensive and the bigger Sony wh 1000xm3 headphones.

Now I found the fit of the w1000xm3 to be extremely comfortable for long listening sessions and not once did it fall out of my ears now as for the controls you can customize it to your heart’s content from Sony’s headphone connect app you can configure it to switch between the ambient noise control and noise cancelling on the fly reduce or increase the volume invoke Google assistant or Amazon Alexa and finally use it for playback controls.

I like the default configuration where the left is kept for ambient sound control and the right one is for playback control you can see that you can tap to play double tap for next song triple time for previous song and you know continue pressing to launch the voice assistant and you can also do that you know like a ambient sound control out here tapping it or you know changes between the ambient sound control mode and the noise cancellation mode and of course continuously pressing it brings up the quick attention feature what that means is that it will put the earphones in ambient hearing mode and then you can hear anybody talking around you very clearly now of course if you want to take a look at the volume controls of course you need to tap to raise the volume and continue pressing to lower the volume.

Now I prefer the ambient sound control to be on the left ear-buds you can pick from one of these options that are available for you now the app also gives you the option to control many other functions for example you can change the connection quality to prioritize and sound quality or to prioritize on stable connection you can also tweak the equalizer to one of your preference and it responds beautifully now i particularly like the feature where you can switch off the wear detection feature uh you know which automatically pauses music when you take it out of your ears by the way let me quickly demonstrate this feature for you right.

Now I have the ear-buds in my ears and I’m taking the right one out of my ears and it immediately pauses and i put it back again and it starts playing again there you go it’s as seamless as that now the level of control that you get with the app is refreshing to see honestly that’s not it though you also get over the air updates using this app so that’s really good plus I really like how the device uses proximity sensor to determine if you’re sitting walking or running to set the level of the ambient noise control and like I mentioned you can also long press either ear-bud to put them in ambient mode to ensure that you can hear the other person clearly now the Sony w1000xm3 uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to other devices.

You can also use nfc to establish the connection now the connection was extremely stable for the most part and the 10 meter range was pretty accurate too as for the codec support I’m definitely disappointed that you don’t get ldac or aptx support but you definitely get aac so that’s the max it can do however i understand Sony’s reasoning where they mentioned that it could affect battery life further by giving you better codex and that makes sense to me considering the fact that the battery life with anc on is not exceptional Sony claims to get six hours with anc on but I used anc and dsw hx audio enhancement and it lasted me four hours on a single charge at 100 volume which is average at best but you should expect better battery life at around 70 volume and the Bluetooth connection set to stable mode.

Now coming to the most important part of the review the sound quality this is where the Sony w1000xm3 just shines Sony’s tuning is a balanced one with slight lifts in the mids and the low end of the frequency range this makes the sound signature more approachable and it is a one size fits all approach I listened to everything from raman like you can see on the playlist out here to reach against the machine and the w1000xm3 place them back near accurately as the artist intended into your years in a song like veerapanti kotele from through dothra one of rahman’s early albums.

You can hear a range of sounds from the thumping bass to the pristine treble and the clean and detailed sound reproduction of the Sony w1000xm3 managed to capture the dynamic range very well now the instrument separation in arithmophobia by animals as leaders was extremely nuanced and clear plus the sound staging is pretty decent for a pair of truly wireless earphones yes the treble does roll off in the extreme high end but that’s not a big issue or anything and if you listen to a lot of tracks with an emphasis on the vocals such as arijit singh and sasha tirupati’s melodic duet kulke jenika from dilbachara.

You’re bound to be captivated by the performance of the w1000xm3 in the mids as well it is just a well-rounded sound signature that I can’t help but keep bracing now talking about well-rounded stuff the icing on the cake is that you get support for the new 360-degree reality audio encoding as well i tried it on tidal using vpn and it did create a slight sense of surround but I suppose you need a pair of headphones to create a better sense of spaciousness these small drivers don’t cut it now if you do end up buying these set it to sound priority on connection quality and switch the dse hx processing on for the best sound quality as for the call quality you don’t get the same kind of isolation that you get with music therefore a fair bit of environmental noise creeps in during calls also since the mics are slightly far away from your mouth you won’t sound as loud and clear as the airport’s pro or the airpods for that matter it is all right for calls.

If you ask me don’t trust me hear this recording for yourself uh there is some disturbance [Music] now I’ll be honest Sony India has definitely gotten some sort of price advantage by launching them at least a year later and therefore it has managed to undercut the price of its three most immediate competitors which would be the airpods pro the sennheiser momentum tws2 and of course the master and dynamic mw07 although I must mention that the active noise cancellation technology is the best that I have experienced on the Sony w1000xm3 compared to the other three mainly because uh Sony has managed to trickle down the same tech used inside a more expensive pair of headphones like the Sony wh000xm3 the tech that Sony has managed to pack inside.

The Sony wf0000xm3 totally worth the price and possibly one of the best truly wireless ear-buds across any price category and when you talk about the sound quality the sound quality on the Sony w1000xm3 is definitely better than the air-pods pro and almost as good if not better than the sennheiser momentum tws2 and the masternode dynamic mw07 but yeah don’t buy the Sony wf0000xm3 if you want to take them out for a run or if you are somebody who is into active fitness lifestyle i would suggest picking up something like the jabra elite active 75t or even Sony’s very own Sony uh you know wf sp 800n which also comes with noise cancellation technology now these are also not meant for gaming these are purely meant for auditory bliss while cancelling out the outside environmental noise so yeah like i mentioned in my introduction the Sony w1000xm3 i’m completely in love with them and I’m pretty sure that once you test it out you’re gonna like them too what did you guys think of the Sony wf0000xm3 uh do let me know in the comment section below.

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