Gionee M7 Power – Your media partner – Full Review:

The Samsung’s and Apples of this world have always been ruling the smartphone markets but that is sadly becoming less and less true so China being a key player in the entire smartphone world is bound to give birth to some amazing companies and that’s exactly what we’ve been seeing we’ve seen Xiaomi Oppo vivo Oneplus companies coming out of China and actually challenging the entire smartphone market and the smartphone world that has been here for a long time and today we’re talking about one such company so we got to spend and even add the Gionee m7 powers launched in India and since I’ve been using that device for almost two weeks I’m here to give you a full review of the Gionee m7 power.

First of all the design of e m7 pal is actually quite good it has a pretty good balance of metal and plastic with a very well designed camera visor so the pattern is very attractive and even the back material feels so good the texture is actually very addictive and with different colors obviously have different textures but they are all comfortable to hold the metal frame makes it very sturdy and the buttons are very well built to sew buttons or something not many people talk about but once you come across a badly designed one that’s when you’re really appreciated and spoiler alert Google pixel 2 has really bad ones so the review is coming soon so stay tuned the only thing that bothered me was the huge size of it there’s no denying it that it’s a big phone and if you don’t like big phones then please turn your eyes away however.

The size brings us to one of my favorite features on the m7 power and that is the display it’s sharp its saturated it’s appropriately punchy and it’s huge this can be your media machine it made every video and every movie that I saw come alive front of me in front of my eyes this phone made me watch a bit more than I usually did just because of how good it looked the speakers aren’t the best but they aren’t bad either so you also get a micro USB port on the bottom with a headphone jack now let’s move to the software and performance this is somewhere I have mixed feelings the m7 bar is a good performer it never lagged the RAM management is very good and I even played a lot of games on it which felt awesome with that big screen so while it may not be the best performer on the market it is good for its price and the performance isn’t certainly an issue what actually is an issue for me is the software I straight-up do not enjoy it that’s less of Gianni’s problems and more of mine I am a fan of stock Android and the simplicity that it offers I like my home screen arranged.

The way I want and I’ve never liked those Chinese our iPhone e skins that they put out on smartphones like Xiaomi vivo and Oppo and maybe I never will but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad it actually has a lot of cool features that a lot of pre-installed apps too so what I did was I simply slapped the nova launcher on top which actually made things quite a bit easier and I felt right at home it isn’t for everyone but I think if you aren’t too fixated on the stock Android then you might actually like it and the only thing that stood a bit too problematic was the amount of blood or the pre-installed apps on the phone it’s crazy from productivity and news apps to big games they are all pre-installed on the phone so it’s definitely not for me but some of you might love the fact that you don’t have to go to Play Store and install every app so that was software and performance the other important part of the m7 path is certainly.

The camera we don’t see flashy dual camera setup here which I think it’s for the good at this price it’s very difficult to get a dual camera setup right because first of all no one has done it and secondly I like the fact that she only has given focus to more important and essential aspects like the display and the battery so you get a good experience the camera of the m7 power is a 13 megapixel shooter on the back and it’s a good one actually it shoots very good looking picture when bright sunlight and even colors and details feel very right where it lacks is low light and it just is terrible there it is not surprising looking at the fact that even other devices in this price really like the g5 s plus of the Xiaomi Ava nor the redmi note 4 got it right so they are all pretty comparable and you do get a lot of different modes and it’s again an iPhone like layout but I like it the next feature is I think one of the most important features of this phone and that is the huge 5000 mAh battery.

The battery is what gives the m7 power its name and it’s actually very good I’ve watched a lot of movies on this thing and I have charged it very few times in the last two weeks this phone will easily last you two full days on casual use and easily a week on very light use the battery coupled with this beautiful gorgeous 89 display on the front I think it made for a very fun multimedia experience for me that is I think exactly who the device is for if you want a device where you want to enjoy your entertainment and you want to watch your media or even listen to your music whatever you want to do with the phone it has a big screen it has a big battery so I think this is something that will never disappoint you if you do go for goodbye app for buying the gionee m7 power so that was the Sione m7 power for you I think it’s a great device and for a price of 15,000 rupees I think it’s not a bad deal.

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