Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless review:

The sinister moment at 3 Wireless out of the box you can see that the brand doesn’t skimp on the premiumness you get a soft cloth case which actually looks like a different box and for the price I would have actually preferred a hard case but apart from that you also get a nice type c2 type-c cable plus a 2.5 mm – 3.5 mm connector now my only concern with the 2.5 mm connector is that you know it has a 2.5 mm insert and 3.5 mm – 3 / Forevermark easier to find so that would have been better but apart from that overall the package itself is wholesome similar to the package contents the design of the momentum 3 Wireless is also pretty premium you get this heavy mix of hard plastic metal and plush leather you have plush leather on the ear cups and the headband itself and you have the metal on the hinge and hard plastic of course on the ear cups the headphones have affirmative flex and shall easily stand.

The test of time for sure but there is one problem with this is the fact that they’re heavy and they weigh down on your head and about 300 grams they’re not as comfortable as something like the Bose 700 or even the Sony WH 2000 XM 3 having said that the clamping force is not too tight so that’s okay but along with the weight you also get this leather padding which actually tends to heat up your ears if you are sensitive to that kind of heat and it’s right now cold in you know delhi-ncr but when it turns hard this is gonna definitely heat up your ears sure now this one peculiar problem that I encountered while actually testing the Sennheiser momentum 3 Wireless hears thing the sella is a momentum 3 Wireless actually plays music when you wear it and pauses music when you take it out of your head and it works seamlessly it’s possibly the most responsive and the more sensitive one that I’ve used too late but since it is so sensitive and it’s got swivel cups it tends to play and pause at whim even when I slightly moved my head around and that I felt was really annoying you know what happened after a little bit of usage is there actually switched off that setting from the smart control app.

That you get for the sennheiser momentum 3 Wireless having said that I’d really like the fact that it is so sensitive and really fast to respond now you get a really neat array of buttons on the right ear cup it is laid out very well you get a slider which can switch between three different protrude levels which is basically on/off and transparent hearing and the next button is like the play/pause button which is sandwiched between the volume controls of course the play/pause also helps in answering calls and the volume controls helps in skipping the tracks plus there’s one extra button below that which is available in most modern headphones nowadays and that is for voice control where you can actually access Siri or Google assistant any assistant of your choice plus long pressing that voice assistant button will actually put the headphones in pairing mode.

I think that you know having physical buttons is actually still better than touch controls because sometimes touch controls on quite a few headphones can be if he having said that when I did test out the boast 702 touch control so very responsive so I think over a period of time interaction design is actually becoming better on headphones with controls on the ear cups but up until then up until now I think still physical controls rule the roost obviously I like the physical control and I really like the fact that Sennheiser has gone with that layout plus that’s not it though so neither actually does do some automatic features like for example the play positing that I mentioned plus you know what there is no on/off button in fact if you want to switch off or switch on the headphones you actually just have to fold these and that’s it it’s power off and once you unfold it its power on again.

So that I think is very well done [Music] now when it comes to connectivity the sennheiser momentum three wireless uses the full potential of the Bluetooth 5.0 standard it can actually connected to devices at once and switch between them on the fly I was connected to my macbook and my you know Android smartphone and I could just switch on the fly with ease and that is something that I absolutely appreciate a lot of headphones actually offer you Bluetooth 5.0 but they don’t go the full hog and that I think is really well done on the momentum 3 Wireless now as for the audio codecs.

You can expect the best of the best except for a lack which actually is available on the Sony W mm x n3 you can get optics and haptics low latency on the Sarazen 103 Wireless now talking about the Sennheiser momentum 3 Wireless these are almost neutral with a bass boost sort of a bump in the low-end in the of the frequency range so essentially for the mids and the highs it’s almost neutral but then you get this sort of bass boost so it’s not like a warm sound or a u-shaped sound it’s almost little but with the bass boost that is something that I absolutely prefer and it’s really nice when you’re listening to a lot of EDM tracks or songs with a lot of thump like for example I tested off stage by the twist or you know song say mucho much of my divine all of these songs which have a lot of thump or for example a ball Nations seen all of these songs have a lot of thump like a lot of tight mid bass this one does.

it really well plus it also does a sub bass really well so if you listen to songs like Jay Paul’s BDS to you these songs are reproduced very well on you know the Sennheiser momentum 3 Wireless now apart from that what is excellent on the woman 2 3 Wireless is of course the imaging or the instruments declaration which is create across the board you know if you’ve watched my headphone reviews by now you would know that I always listen to do I want to know by the Arctic Monkeys and you know that’s the separation of the instruments in the penultimate section is absolutely excellent now one of the things that I noticed is that the mids are also phenomenally good which means in somebody like Benjamin Clementine or you know Adele their voice sounds absolutely great now one of the things that I notice is that the dynamics on offer in a song like Billy I relations come out and clay is absolutely excellent so her you know throaty whispers absolutely brilliant because there are those silences that you want to hit the note on and that is reproduce well on these.

Now the problem with the Sennheiser moment 3 Wireless is the fact that the soundstage is not that great and these are closed back headphones I know that but I have heard closed back headphones before which come with create sounds you know a great soundstage where the sounds that’s across the head now that is something that is not great on the woman and three Wireless and that could be a bit of a letdown for people looking for a pair of roomy airy sound on you know the momentum 3 – that’s not going to happen so if you have to look at an analogy then you know I would say that they sound like two speakers inside a soundproof room rather than you know speakers in a concert area so that’s what I would say plus you know you of course get those nice woofer Rumble from the base themselves talking about soundproof these do noise cancellation as well so that is definitely one thing that is good on this you get decent noise cancellation.

It’s almost on par with what the Sony and the Bose can achieve for example it does really good you know noise cancellation with the hum of an engine which is a consistent sound but with inconsistent sounds like you know the human chatter or you know people talking in the office or you know traffic it’s not that great with that now that’s where headphones at the Bose 700 or even the Sony SS thousand xn3 have started excelling but the downside to that kind of you know noise cancellation is the fact that it creates a vacuum in your head which the momentum wireless 3 does not and I sort of prefer that over the boss it gives you a little bit of breathing space when you listen to music and that’s nicely done on this plus the sound signature is absolutely excellent which is one thing that I of course wanted to mention.

Now while I like the sound signature off the moment and three Wireless over like the Bose 700 or even the Sony Tablet X a thousand xm3 I still think that there is competition out there that can take on you know the momentum 3 while it’s not the absolute best sound signature out there for example the bear dynamic Lagoon a and C that I reviewed recently also sounds incredible plus you have the boar and Wilkins you know px which is one of the best sounding noise cancelling headphones that I’ve heard till date so it’s in the top three for sure now that was about the South signature overall plus the noise cancellation but when it comes to battery life this gives around 17 hours of battery life as claimed by the company.

But I got around 60 knots in my testing time now that’s not bad of course 16 hours is a long time when you’re listening to music but a lot of the ANC headphones out there can do better battery life like for example the Sony W thousand XM pre can easily achieve a full day of fatty life without you having to worry to recharge it plus the call quality on the momentum 3 Wireless are not that great the person on the other end had a problem with the sound you know the sound that I was talking in and you know they couldn’t hear me clearly so that was a problem otherwise overall sound signature wise these are excellent ANC was pretty good call quality not a great battery life you know good so this is the roundup of what I think about the call quality sound signature battery life and the ANC.

So we’re at the end of the review and like I mentioned the momentum 3 Wireless is priced at rupees 35,000 and for that price it’s got an excellent design great sound signature with a good amount of base so if you’re a Bayside you’re absolutely gonna love this plus you know noise cancellation is good as well and the battery life is not that bad either now having said that if you want better ANC I think you would be served better by Bose or Sony and at the end of the day I think it boils down to brand perception more than anything else when it comes to you know noise cancelling headphones since the market is becoming a lot saturated now now with respect to brand perception I think the Bose and Sony have a great brand perception in the market now Harry Ferguson Iser also has a really good stellar track record of making great audio products so you know he can stand on their own now if you want to buy a pair of headphones for ALC specifically like I mentioned Bose and Sonia better.

Now this another reason why I’m saying that and that’s because these are not Sinai’s errs dedicated AAC offering the nicest most popular dedicated agency offering is the pxc 550 which by the way also got enough date at Aoife recently and it’s in its second iteration that should be coming to India soon as well so if you want great sound I think the momentum 3 this would be the option for you but if you want the best ANC completing with Bose and Sony I think you should wait for the PXE 550 second generation so do you guys think of the 103 why let’s do let me know in the comment section below I know this is pretty expensive and you know it’s a lot of money to pour into a pair of headphones but that’s the cost of most really good noise cancelling headphones plus great sounding headphones.

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