Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Review:

The Samsung galaxy tab a7 which is a 10.4 inch tablet. so don’t get confused by the a7 name there it starts at 229 with 32 gigs of storage or 279 dollars with 64 gigs of storage. and it’s a lot like the galaxy tab s6 lite we looked at but minus the s pen support same screen size same screen as far as.

I can tell a lot of other things that are similar too but is everything we’re going to find out now so Samsung makes a lot of premium tablets. these days we’ve already reviewed the Samsung galaxy tab s7 line which is their most expensive and that has not just s pen support but optional 4g lite higher resolution displays oled all that fancy stuff it costs way more than this one.

So this is more your entry level something you’re getting for your kids maybe in grade school to do their homework on or keep them entertained and all that sort of thing you’re not going to break the bank with it but it’s a name brand and pretty good quality you get the idea there 10.4 inch lcd display tft no oled at this price range and the resolution is a little odd at 2000 by 1200 but it’s the same as the s6 light that is fine.

I suppose we have a snapdragon 662 cpu which is a mid-range cpu versus an exynos cpu in the s6 lite which I’ll keep comparing because they’re not that far apart in price but they’re both kind of mid-ranging cpus and the performance isn’t that different while the exynos does a little bit better on cpu tasks the snapdragon does better on gpu tests but we’re not talking a wild difference here three gigs of ram and again your choice of 32 or 64 gigs of storage.

If you opt for that s6 light probably because you want the s pen for example that one is 64 gig so it goes against the 279 dollar model here in terms of storage capacity micro sd card slot though so you can expand storage the tablet runs android 10 with one ui 2.5 if you’re familiar with Samsung products it will look very familiar to you with all their usual embellishments of the operating system which actually are pretty tasteful well done in handy these days.

So I don’t have any complaints about that quick access to your settings when you do the drop down all that sort of stuff now you’ve got two cameras here i don’t think you’re going to be buying a tablet mainly for its cameras but just in case we have an 8 megapixel on the back of 5 megapixel on the front again very similar to the tab s6 light in good light outdoors or well-lit indoors.

They’re decent enough and you’ve got up to 1080p video recording on that rear camera but indoors as you can see from the picture the cat in the kitchen and not even nighttime and you know you don’t want to use this for nighttime photography that is for sure from what I can tell Samsung doesn’t state this but it seems to me that the back is plastic on this it weighs just a hair over a pound.

So that’s about typical for a 10 inch tablet and they’re all gonna weigh about that it’s pretty slim though a little over seven millimeters so that’s nice for the price you’re not going to get a chunky monkey or something like that so how does it feel experientially to use okay.

I mean we can do benchmarks until the cows come home but in real world use doing everyday things it feels okay ┬ánotice I’m feeling a little sluggish here and there now i am used to using Samsung’s flagship phones as a comparison point there most of the time it feels just fine this is not like the world’s zippiest tablet but it’s adequate if you’re going to be using this for home-schooling stuff or streaming YouTube or Netflix or whatever it is that you want it’s fine.

If you’re going to play games it’s good if you’re going to play something like sim city it’s absolutely fine if you’re going to play more demanding graphically intensive games like say asphalt 9 then I did notice the frame rates were not real smooth it’s still really very playable but you’ll notice the frame rates are not well as good as they possibly could be but then again this is a 229 to 279 dollar tablet battery life on this is pretty good 7040 milliamp battery supports qualcomm quick charge comes with a typical Samsung charger with a USB a receptacle and a cord that plugs into the USB C port on the tablet.

By the way this does have a headphone jack yeah that so tablets we don’t tend to use them as intensely as we use our phones but I would say for most people this is going to be charge it a couple of times a week sort of tablet in terms of playing games and that’s going to be the most demanding thing you do you’ll go at least four hours playing a game on this before you’re going to think about recharging for lighter use you’ll probably go two days or so without worrying about charging speaking of games and multimedia things.

This has quad stereo speakers they’re not akg branded like they are on the s6 light and on the tab s7 but pretty loud and pretty full in fact surprisingly so so for multimedia purposes it’s quite good then so again just to recap with the s6 light because it is the 70 more expensive tablets close enough in price of you might be considering them the difference there really is mostly going to be the s pen you’re looking at about the same display you’re looking about the same battery capacity and the s6 light is available with optional 4g lte for those of you.

Who need them it does have one more gig of ram which can help a little bit with the perceived smoothness of performance especially if you’re multitasking between apps so that’s the Samsung galaxy tab a7 for 229 starting price is a pretty nice tablet i mean it’s a brand that you can trust the build quality on this is good the speakers are great the display is decent enough on it even off angle viewing is okay given the price point performance again is fine for most everyday productivity tests home schooling streaming video and all that sort of stuff

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