Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison:

So the Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra’s cameras are very similar to the Samsung galaxy s20 ultra. I say very similar because there are differences and that is why I wanted to test out the camera performance of these two phones to find out which one comes out on top and of course to make things more interesting I’ve also added the I-phone 11 pro in the mix as well.

Let’s find out if the galaxy note 20 ultra cameras are impressive or not and you know what for all intents and purposes you can consider this as the full camera review of the galaxy note 20 ultra. when you take a look at the camera specs you’ll see that the note 20 ultra has the same 108 megapixel camera as the s20 ultra, but you do get face detection autofocus module on the note 20 ultra now this should ensure that you get fewer blurry photos and better autofocus while shooting videos.

And the telephoto camera is now a 12 megapixel unit instead of a 48 megapixel one on the s20 ultra however what’s good is the note 20 ultra has a longer 120 millimeter telephoto lens compared to the shorter 103 millimeter on the s20 ultra which means it can do 4.6 x optical zoom like proper optical zoom compared to 4x optical zoom on the s20 ultra.

Anyway Samsung has also reduced the further end of the zooming capabilities from 100x on the s50 ultra 250x on the note 20 ultra but all the way up to 50x you get hybrid lossless zoom and that is a better way of doing it if you ask me moving on you get the same ultra wide angle camera. and Samsung has dropped the 0.3 megapixel top camera on the note 20 ultra and even the front camera is a 10 megapixel sensor instead of a 40 megapixel one on the s20 ultra as for the I-phone 11 pro.

Apple just adds a 12 megapixel camera all around three on the rear main telephoto and ultra wide and one on the front for selfies now you know what now that you take a look at the specs. let’s take a look at how these cameras perform let’s start by checking the details captured by the three phones now the 12 mp samples placed side by side clearly reveal that the I-phone 11 pro has captured a more natural looking image especially when you look at the sky the s20 ultra and the note 20 ultra have picked up the blues and the greens to make the image look more attractive anyway at 100 crop.

The I-phone 11 pro offers the crispest details at the center and then when you go to the edges at the bottom left and the right the s20 ultra and the note 20 ultra offer finer textures however with the Samsung phones you do get the advantage of 108 megapixel high resolution capture and I couldn’t really tell the difference as such in detail in certain areas the note 20 ultra was sharper and in others the s20 ultra took the lead that said I’d much rather go with the pixel print samples don’t really see any major advantage with the high resolution shot.

But I’m just very surprised that Samsung decided to go back to its oversaturation routes with the note 20 ultra now what makes flagship cameras great is the dynamic range performance the three phones here are perfect examples of that however it is the I-phone pro that clearly vince here with more details being pulled out of the shadows and with the excellent control over the highlights.

The sky looks in comparison to the note 20 ultra and the s20 ultra while the s20 ultra and the note 20 ultra have the advantage of a longer periscope zoom lens the I-phone 11 pro does proper telephoto at 2x optical zoom so in the first 2x comparison the hybrid zoom on the s20 ultra and the note 20 ultra are no match for the I-phone 11 pro now when we jump to 5x you can clearly see that the tide has shifted in the favor of the Samsung phones.

The note 20 ultra and the s10 look way sharper than the digitally zoomed image of the I-phone 11 pro the note 20 ultra is in fact slightly sharper than the s3 ultra if you look at the stack of books towards the right moving on to the 20x zoom and we are in proper hybrid zoom territory now this is where the s30 ultra gets slightly sharper possibly because of the larger sensor being used and finally at 50x both look very similar to be honest.

I would easily go with the note 20 ultra or the s3 archer for telephoto shots between these two however there’s not much to tell apart I managed to capture a gorgeous blue sky to test the ultrawide capability of these three phones evidently the I-phone 11 pro once again captures a natural scene plus the barrel distortion correction around the corners is also better on the I-phone when it comes to details there’s not much telling the three apart so overall.

The I-phone level pro would be my pick for the best ultra wide angle camera however let it be known that the note 20 ultra and the s20 are not really bad or anything now that we’ve seen pictures from all the three cameras one very important thing to check is the color science parity this is something flagships do.

Yes the I-phone level pro offers sharper details on the face but it has a more aggressive edge blur the s50 ultra and the note 20 ultra have managed to even pick out the strands of my hair on the top and blur it out properly and you can play around with the level of blur on all the Samsung’s and of course the I-phone pro as well but yes Samsung software offers you a couple of different kinds of blur which is always a fun way to showcase portraits.

Now what I want to say next could surprise you the note 20 ultra takes sharper selfies compared to the 40 megapixel selfie camera toting s20 ultra you get a more accurate facial tone as well just look at my eye you can see the phone reflected in it that’s how good smartphone cameras are getting these days now the same is true for the note 20 ultra selfie portrait performance as well it is better than the other.

Two however the difference between the three is not like a lot or anything pick anyone and you will be happy i’m happy with the note 20 ultra here the one area where the I-phone 11 pro remains unbeatable is the 4k 60fps video recording yes both the Samsung’s can do 8k but the 4k video lags slightly behind the I-phone 11 pro in quality you get better stabilization sound quality colors and dynamic range from the I-phone 11 pros footage as you can clearly tell from the samples here the note 20 ultra and the x20 ultra capture identical looking footage but fall short of you know the I-phone 11 pro.

Let me know what you thought about the image quality the image stabilization and the sound recording as I pan around slightly and show you guys what happens when I shoot directly into the light performance is of the I-phone 11 pros video recording do let me know in the comment section below what you also thought about the sound recording as well but the s20 ultra and the note 20 ultra offer.

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