Realme Watch review: The best smart watch under Rs 5K?

The full review of the Vav watch now unlike your smartphone you cannot really cover up the looks of your Smart Watch with the skin or a case so it’s pivotal that the watch looks good because remember this is not just a mini computer strapped to your wrist but it’s also a good fashion accessory to that extent real me has hit the nail on the head with the real me watch’s design it looks chic and classy honestly this is one of those watches which would complement your workout outfit well just as much it would your party outfit now at the time of its launch you will only be able to buy the watch with a black strap but I have been told that will me will bring different coloured straps for the watch which will allow you to change its looks down the line also you must be wondering where the real me branding is well it’s right here on the bottom bezel but it’s so faint that you won’t be able to see it.

If you view the screen head-on so real nice I ecology behind this was that they wanted to keep the design of the watch the aesthetics of the watch as clean as possible especially when the display was turned off and well hats off to you guys because this watch looks great now we all know what the inspiration behind the design of the real me watch is it’s from the same company that makes these which folks it really saw and made these but I’ll be honest with you guys I don’t really care the similarity of the design of the real me watch to the Apple watch now if you think about it the Apple watch is one of the most recognized smart watches in the world and if I just pay a fraction of the sum and get the same number of complements than hey I’m all for it plus I like the functional changes jamie has introduced with the real me watch for one it is extremely lightweight and I all but forgot that I was wearing it after some time.

Now that’s crucial because the last thing I want is for my watch to weigh me down when I’m out for a run or lifting dumbbells lastly despite being so damn competitively priced the dreamy watch is ip68 certified which means that you can go out for a run in the rain with the watch strapped to your wrist and not worry about damaging it in terms of comfort the real me watch is aces in my book too first and foremost I am glad that unlike most of the smart watches the physical button on the really watch sits flush to its chassis now that means that the button will not bite your wrist if you’re doing a push-up or a burpee that’s one of the things that I disliked about the honor magic – by the way now secondly the bundle strap is fantastic for a couple of reasons number one it is extremely soft to the touch and did cause any rash on my wrists and number two you can unclasp it easily as it comes with this handy pin making it really easy to change the straps lastly the strap can be tucked inside the cavity to fasten the watch on your wrist which is something more and more manufacturers should employ not only does this prevent the strap from loosening on its own.

But it also tells you if you wearing the watch too tightly around your wrist as the strap will not fit into the cavity if it’s too narrow so the really watch comes with a 1.4 inch color LCD display with a resolution of 323 by 323 pixels now this translates to 323 PPI which let me show you it’s plenty sharp for screening this size the watch also offers a peak brightness level of 380 nets which is almost as bright as some modern-day phones so suffice it to say you show have any problems using the panel outdoors when it’s sunny for Indo usage I got away with the brightness at just 20% which should tell you just how bright the display on the real me watch actually is now this is an LCD screen so you will notice that the blacks on black but somewhat grayish but frankly at it’s asking price I am not complaining the only thing.

I dislike about the display is that the bottom chin is bigger which I know has been done to house the branding but I would have liked it more of the bezels were a little more symmetrical now on the bright side the display on the really watch comes with the layer of Corning Gorilla version three on top which means that it is going to be somewhat impervious to dings and scratches like these now the real me watch comes with a proprietary OS which has a ton of different features but before I get into any of that let’s just look at the overall user interface in general navigating through the really watch is quite easy you can swipe left or right to access your quick toggles and Static widgets like the weather widget and so on and swiping down on the display brings up the notification tray whereas swiping up on the screen brings out the app drawer now you can also swipe left from any menu to go back a page or just press the physical button to do the same long pressing the physical button is going to give you a prompt to turn off the variable now like.

I said now me watches UI is quite easy and everything is just a swipe away as for the features you can set alarms access 14 different workout modes check your heart rate and control your music playback all from the watch itself you can also access six of the twelve watch faces from the variable at any given point and don’t worry I have been told by the company that they are working on a ton more watch faces for the really watch which should be made available wide ot a very soon now you will need a companion app to access some of the settings of the view watch and that’s where the real me link app comes into play the app has a minimalistic UI and it gives you insights on your activity logs and it also lets you tweak different settings like changing your step goal or maybe accessing GPS based activities like outdoor cycling and running and sort out which watch faces you want on the real me watch now moving on you can answer and calls from you raised me watch but since the watch does not have a built-in microphone of its own.

You will have to speak into your device’s microphone you should also know that the watch doesn’t display the proper app icon for notifications from apps like Instagram and snapchat and you can’t revert to notifications either plus it only keeps one notification in memory so if you have a bunch of em coming in you’ll only be able to read the one which you received lost that’s really annoying but it’s not as annoying as this ok guys so I have been working out for the past 20 minutes or so and one of the things that I’ve noticed about the real me watch is that if you’re in the middle of a workout if you initiate a workout on the Smart Watch then you cannot back out of the workout to check your notifications which is a little annoying here let me show you so right now as you can see focus good so right now I’m in the middle of a workout right and if I go back to check my notifications it’s basically going to say that it will have to end the workout which is what I don’t want to do and obviously I cannot use any other gesture.

So I’ll have to stay on the screen for the time being so yeah real me if you’re listing please fix this in the next off therapy if we talk about fitness tracking then the baby watch lets you track 14 different sports but the ones that will give you any real metrics are only a handful now don’t get me wrong it is fun to know how much calories I’ve bought by playing basketball or cricket but I think the company could have just added an auto stab option within the watches interface instead of having all these different sports activities listed out since I’m not getting any real metrics out of them anyway I guess having a bunch of different sport modes look cool I also really wanted to see a swimming mode on the wearable this time around especially since it comes with ip68 certification and I feel like that’s a missed opportunity there and that being said given its asking price the rainy watch does a couple of things really well including tracking steps and the good thing is that the watch doesn’t add a lot of go steps to the tally tube in fact the dreamy watches step tracking is on par with the Fitbit was or to which.

I don’t need to tell you cos way mode the watch also gives you insights on your speed and average speed when you’re cycling outdoors Plus while the watch doesn’t come with a built-in GPS unit of the real we watched latched onto my phone’s GPS in no time the route marked by the variable was pretty accurate too however the distance was slightly off but everything considered the real me watch definitely gets the basics right coming to some other features of the raid me watch the variable also comes with an SPO to monitor which basically measures the amount of oxygen saturation in your blood now real me claims that the way we watch offers more accurate spo2 monitoring as it is compatible with ten different types of skin colours which is more than what you’d get with the competition this sleep tracking onboard – which gives you insight on.

How much light deep and REM sleep you had now I tested this feature and while the watch accurately told me the time that I went to sleep and it also gave me an accurate representation of the quality of my sleep now I remember not sleeping very well that night but it did not give me an accurate representation of the total hours I’d slept the real me watch also comes with continuous heart rate monitoring which the company claims has been dude in accordance to professional medical instruments now while I cannot test the validity of that claim I will admit that the results from the watch were on par and consistent with other Fitness variables I have at home come to the battery life real meet claims that the really watch offers 10 days of battery life of a single charge now I’ve only used the watch for four days and so far I don’t think that my review unit of the really watch will ask me that long of currently.

It’s about 60 percent battery life and that’s still not a bad number because I have been using the watch for a couple of days and on the whole I think that this watch will last me about a week which considering everything considering the big touchscreen display colour touchscreen display that you are getting with the watch is not bad at all to charge the variable you’ll have to use a magnetic park shaped dongle which comes bundled with the retail packaging now the obvious question that must have come to all of your minds is that since we are all cooped up in a house is right now should we actually invest in a Smart Watch well if you ask me then I think the answer to that is a resounding yes now see when I wasn’t working from home I was staying quite active since I had to walk a lot in the office and for my commute but ever since I’ve started working from home I that all that is obviously gone for a toss now the one good thing that I have noticed when I have a fitness variable strapped to my wrist is that.

I get constant reminders to drink adequate amount of water every single day and at least try to get some movement in so that my body is staying relatively active so if you are convinced that you should buy a Fitness variable right now let’s see if you should dish out your hard-earned bucks for the way we watch now as of making this video I don’t really know the pricing of the way we watch but I’ve been given a good indication that the watch will retail for well under rupees five thousand now for that price the real men watch gets a lot right and therefore is a very easy recommendation for me to make the watch comes a big beautiful display it offers a stunning design which is also very beautiful it offers decent battery life and it gets the basics right when it comes to fitness tracking now is the watch perfect obviously not and I do wish that the company would add support to remote to notifications or view more than one at a time but on the whole the really watch gets a lot right which is why it gets two solid thumbs-up from me but guys that’s it for my full review of the Realme watch do let me know in the comments below.

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