Realme Narzo 20 vs Realme Narzo 20 Pro Review:

Today we’re talking about the Realme Nazo 20 series particularly the Nazo 20 pro and the real mean also 20. there’s also a Nazo 20a that’s yet to land up in our labs but when it does we’ll surely tell you guys about it now both of these smartphones seems pretty good for the price and might make you think twice before buying any other real me mid-range smartphone now when we got our hands on these two new offerings it felt like a simple review article. won’t just do justice because the hardware and the rest of the features found in these two smartphones are also found elsewhere but not in the same combination I mean surely the 90 hertz refresh rate display 65 watts of fast charging may sound impressive but we wanted to check out how both of these smartphones perform overall and if you are in the market of buying a mid-range smartphone especially a Realme smartphone which one should you go for so buckle

We’re going to start with the spec sheet of these two smartphones to highlight all the important features that may sway your decision but despite sharing the same name and even falling under the same lineup both of these are two completely different smartphones and there are differences that impact. the performance on both of them for one the Nazo 20 pro gets a 90 hertz full hd plus display where the Nazo 20 sticks to a regular hd plus display for its price the Nazo 20’s panel may not live up to the expectations both rely on 12 nanometer chipsets.

But the Nazo 20 pro has a more powerful gpu and the newer cpu architecture and we expect major performance differences even the storage module used in Nazo 20 seems older the 20 pro uses ufs 2.1 storage in line with what most other offer. there’s one camera less on the Nazo 20 which you likely won’t miss because the feature is still there, but the biggest difference is in the batteries the Nazo 20 pro uses a dual cell 4500 mah battery with real me’s most powerful charging solution infusing.

The phone with 65 watts of power the Nazo 20 on the other hand goes big on the battery capacity itself matching the galaxy m series with a 6000 mah battery, but with only 18 watts of fast charging which means the Nazo 20 pro will need quick charges, between the day while the Nazo 20 should last well over a day on a single charge let’s see what the tests have to show.

Let’s start with the design both the Nazo 20 and 20 pro rely on polycarbonate for the exterior casing. I got scratches on the rear panel of the nozzle 20 pro less than a week after opening out of the box in fact the Nazo 20 felt more durable to me it has micro ridges on the surface. so it doesn’t scratch or retract smudges both smartphones have physical fingerprint sensor much faster than the in-display sensor on the Realme 7 pro. it boils down to where you prefer the sensor to be at the back or on the side from the front though the Nazo 20 pro.

Looks identical to the Realme 7 pro a single punch hole camera and thin bezels only this one, has a 90 hertz lcd display solving one big pain point for those asking for 65 watt charging along with high refresh rate from Realme. but there are trade-offs for one the real me seven pros amoled display is much brighter and has better colors it’s also a lot more usable outdoors in the sun the Nazo 20’s choice is sticking to an hd plus display is a lot more interesting.

I mean it’s competing head on with the poco m2 and the xiaomi redmi note 9 both of which doubt full hd plus displays the redmi note 9 even matches the nazi 20 in terms of the processor and the camera stack the display isn’t bad per se it’s good enough for catching up on your shows before bed but there’s a stark upgrade in panel quality if you choose to pay a little more for the Nazo 20 pro but forget the display forget the design the Nazo series is apparently all about performance back when the series debuted Realme didn’t mention that the Nazo series is going to be more catered towards gamers looking for a good performance on a tight budget at least that was the case, when pubg mobile was still operational and the previous Nazo 10 series did handle the now banned.

But quite popular battle royale game quite well so how does the Nazo 20 series fare while we still await the results of the Nazo 20a the 20 and the 20 pro should handle the next best alternative call of duty mobile well enough to live up to its name well at least the Nazo 20 pro is somewhat the nazi 20 pro can run the game with most of the graphics element enabled.

So you get near about the flagship experience the gameplay is smooth for amateur gaming we clocked 56 frames per second at 100 stability with everything maxed out however further analysis of the session by game bench reveals there were a lot of janks in the gameplay which is micro stutters that you may come across like a bullet hitting the enemy a few moments after you pressed the trigger during a close quarter scenario the Nazo 20 is a whole different story.

The mediatek helio g85 powering the phone only has a two core mali gpu so this can’t be a gaming phone by any means cod mobile runs crippled at medium graphics with only depth of field and shadows enabled it does manage to hit 58 frames per second with everything maxed out but with only 46 stability so despite real me’s word on how the Nazo series will delight performance enthusiasts the nazi 20 pro seems to be the only smartphones in this lineup.

That is good enough to live up to that name in daily usage the Nazo 20 pro feels expectedly faster thanks to the higher refresh rate it’s also fast at unlocking from cold launching apps as well as what you saw earlier in gaming when played against the competition the poco m2 pro seems to be well ahead with the snapdragon 720 g but like we said before in the Realme 7 video the mediatek helio g95 is quite a snappy performer the Nazo 20 on the other hand feels sluggish especially.

When compared against the poco m2 and the redmi note 9. real me ui is fast but the 4gb ram and the helio g85 soc doesn’t feel very convincing oh and lastly you want to know an unsettling fact the nazi 20 actually came out better during sustained performance as compared to the Nazo 20 pro both experienced thermal throttling but the Nazo 20 pro was far more adversely affected than the nazi 20.

Okay now let’s take a look at the camera performance the Nazo 20 and the 20 pro relies on the same camera hardware more or less the 48 megapixel samsung gm1 sensor as the primary camera with an f 1.8 aperture lens along with an 8 megapixel ultra wide lens and 2 megapixel macro lens the Nazo 20 pro has an additional 2 megapixel depth sensor on the front the Nazo 20 gets an 8 megapixel selfie shooter while the 20 pro sports a 16 megapixel punch hole camera in the day.

The nozzle any pros photos come out looking brighter and with a little more details while the Nazo 20s shot look a little too saturated notice the greens in the sample here interestingly even though both rely on the same sensor the dynamic range is also visibly better on the nasal 20 pro than the Nazo 20. indoors a dimly lit kitchen in the afternoon had to be captured using the night mode to bring out some details the nazi 20 pro does fairly well in brightening the scene while the Nazo 20 struggles it has more noise and negligible details now at low light the Nazo 20 pro and Nazo 20 both has the night mode to play around with but the results are largely unusable.

Yes the Nazo 20 pro does output a brighter image but the Nazo 20s photos are completely riddled with noise and minimal details okay both phones are able to capture portrait photos quite well though the naso 20 even without having a physical depth sensor as for macros well let’s just say it’s better left unused now we have saved the best for the last the Nazo 20 probe makes things compelling by bringing 65 watt super dart charger for under rupees 15000.

That’s certainly going to turn some heads and make the real me 7 seem pretty ancient the 4 500 mah battery however drains out quickly I observed a 6 drop during a 15 minute cod run while 30 minutes of watching house on amazon prime drained the power by 8 while i couldn’t explicitly record a screen on time with normalized usage this seems to power through most of the day requiring a 5 minute top-up for the rest of the day the Nazo 20 on the other hand is a marathon runner the 6000 mah battery is hard to drain in a day no matter what you do.

But when you eventually do it’s a long wait by the power source with only 18 watts charging support can’t really call it fast now can we did we do enough tests it seems out of the ones we did the Nazo 20 pro feels pretty good for the price I mean the 90 hertz refresh rate display 65 watts of fast charging and that mediatek helio g95 processor makes it pretty good for budding mobile gamers and it feels pretty fast and snappy to use.

Just how a mid-range smartphone should feel like the Nazo 20 may need some thinking over especially when the poco m2 and the redmi note 9 also exist in that price point but regardless of the specs there’s marginal trade-offs in performance and the Nazo 28 does feel quite right because of the big battery inside everything else is strictly entry level so yeah that was our take on the new real me nazu 20 series we hope this clears up the confusion and helps you make the right decision like always let us know what you thought of this article and the phones in the comments below.

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