OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z review:

while the world is moving towards a truly wireless reality Me might still have some time to go before they foray into that product segment Romo has said that they might actually showcase their truly wireless earphones in July but alongside. the launch of the WordPress 8 and the Me 8 Pro. we did get to see these Me bullets wirelessly earphones now dzf ones have a lot of hype surrounding it primarily because it goes back to its affordable roots which was the case with the bullets the original bullets violence.

We all know that the bullets wireless 2 was actually an expensive proposition for a lot of folks and considering that a lot of you guys wanted me to actually review the bullets well Izzy first from among a lot of other products. I decided to exactly that and figure out if these are worth the hype spoiler alert they are amateur from me.

You get the earphones you get three tips one that is attached over here but these are in small medium and large sizes. I would have ideally preferred comply foam tips or some kind of foam tips but that sort of readable and you get a Type C charging cable this is your typical garden-variety want this cable which is red in color.

Me doesn’t bundle a case anymore in order to save costs remember that the red you know sort of silicon TPU case that would fit in the Me well it’s Wireless actually didn’t fit it in but that’s the whole point I mean remember those those actually are not available with the bullets well as he anymore now I picked the blue color variant but these plastic body earphones are available in plain black and a couple of other fun colors too.

Talking about the design it is very similar to the bullets Wireless to when you get a seashell shaped a housing for the earphones attached to two thin wires which further connect to the silicon neck band the neck band is comfortable to wear for long periods actually voted for four hours at a stretch and the 28 grams weight ensure that I felt no fatigue whatsoever in the neck it’s very comfortable.

Now the fit inside the years was absolutely comfortable too I mean I found the right seal no problem that said the housings are themselves pretty big and tied to jut out from the years now I think this is big primarily because they’re only single drivers inside and unlike the bullets Wireless too which actually come with triple drivers.

Now if you prefer lying on one side with your earphones on this is definitely going to be an irritant coming back to the wires these are robustly built and have no cable memory meaning they hold shape well even if you twist it so you know it doesn’t go back to that you know twisted shape plus there is no cable noise whatsoever, so you will not hear any interference when I listen to music.

Now the housings are magnetically attached and you can play in past music when you clip and unclip them there you go this feature works seamlessly on every Android phone that I tried this one out here it is a samsung galaxy s 20 ultra but it did on a MacBook Pro for some odd reason so the quick pair feature is that card that pops up.

When you actually open it for the first time and it pairs with the Me 70 Pro yeah well that didn’t happen maybe it’s just a software update away moving on you get this one button which is actually the power button on the chunky spine and double pressing this button actually switches between connected devices and it worked flawlessly for me I thought this was one of the features that a lot of users would actually die for I think I absolutely loved you know using that feature and now you also have an inline remote of the left fire by the way long pressing this multi-purpose button opens up the voice assistant of your choice of course.

This is also for play pause music and then you have your volume up and volume down buttons respectively and all of this works well no problems there now the bullets Wireless he uses the Bluetooth 5.0 standard to connected devices it can also hold on to that Bluetooth connection for as long as 10 meters.

I mean I couldn’t test that but I could move between my rooms in the house without a dropping connection coming to the sound quality I am disappointed that one presses remove the support for optics and optics HD there’s only support for SPC and AAC which is a slightly better codec anyway the sound signature is of the enjoyable and warm kind you get a punchy mid bass response and a fairly weighty sub bass as well but the problem is the sub bass has some DK and tends to mask the other frequencies and that’s a bit of an issue more of the mids are definitely recessed meaning.

They don’t sound as good as the piece the treble doesn’t have the kind of sparkle and shimmer that audiophiles prefer and it is definitely subdued now the sound staging is fairly good and so is the instrument separation I could distinctly identify the clean travel from left to right in a guy asourian a from Harry J Rogers musical Samurai.

However I’d have loved it if the totality of different instrument sounds was better for example in the same song the table portions don’t have the kind of pipe that you expect from a song like this essentially from what I can tell the bullets were Lizzie’s base forward sound signature is meant to appeal to a wider demographic most people will not find a fall to the sound and if you do listen to a lot of modern pop Bollywood and electronic music.

The bullets wireless Z should not de-spawn however don’t expect it to work for any analytical listening for genres like classical or jazz because the bass tends to you know overpower I’m sure you guys are wondering how does it compare against the real meat buds Wireless now I don’t have the real me buds wirelessly but I have used them before and I do have notes on the sound signature and well to cut the long story short the one press bullets wire Lizzie surrounds slightly better.

Now many girls gave me the bullets Wireless it definitely has some audio/video latency and if you have a one place phone switching on the fanatic mode reduces the latency to 110 milliseconds but it is still not good for competitive gaming I mean I could hear a perceptible lag when someone was approaching me in the game or shooting at me in court mobile not cool when you’re playing an intense 1v1 game as for the battery.

This is the longest lasting battery life I’ve seen and a pair of your phones in the 2k price range while it didn’t last me the reader 20 us I could manage to get 80 knots out of it at 100% volume with a ton of low latency gaming on fanatic mode plus you can also get 10 hours worth of charge with 10 minutes of fast charging using this bundled charger and of course a fast charging break as well for its asking price the bullets Wireless Z gets a lot of things right.

I mean I would have hoped for a more clinical sound but that’s just the grumpy old audiophile inside me for most mainstream audiences this sound signature is actually going to be very appealing but if you do want more bass and don’t care much about the other frequencies then go for the real me buds Wireless which are also 200 rupees cheaper having said.

That I prefer the Me bullets while Lizzie however the real me buds Wireless is not the only alternative out there in fact you have a couple of other options for example you can get the me audio x6 2nd generation for you know a more analytical a more clinical sound and if you want something to sound more musical and of course come with flat cables then you have the J’s p4 by the way the jst 4 would be my pick for the best wireless earphones under 2,000.

Because I really love the Swedish design which has minimalistic yet aesthetic and I really absolutely appreciate the sound signature that you get with the JSP 4 so you have got a lot of options out there so go ahead take your pick although the one place bullets were Lizzie is definitely a good pair of earphones wireless earphones.

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