Nubia Red Magic-3 Review:

Here is a nubie our red magic three which honestly is the best device to buy right now if you can just let go of this single aspect on the device let’s start off with the design shall we so weighing it at 215 grams the nubia red magic 3 is definitely one of the most heaviest devices that have used in a very long time heck it’s heavier than the 1 + 7 pro as well unlike most modern phones these days there is no notch op op-op camera since there are these good bezels up and top now while that does aid in the gaming experience for normal phone usage this thing is too big especially for 100 usage that said this is after all a gaming device and in that aspect if design of this thing is almost unbeatable it comes with this beautiful metal chassis and the red accents on top of it make it look all the more game airy and premium.

You get the ear triggers on the right side with the power button and the volume rockers in between over to the left side you get the complete button the SIM card tray and connector for a dock now no bail did not give us the dock so I can’t really comment on the performance and the benefits that you gain from that dog that said using the device it pretty much comes with everything you would expect from a gaming phone right out of the box heck there’s also a 3.5 mm jack just something that’s not found on a lot of smartphones these days now adding on to the entire gaming feel of this phone it’s this beautiful display right here the last one that I reviewed was the asus rog phone and ever since then I’ve been pushing 490 notes displays everywhere and well the new bigger red magic tree comes with a six point six five inch full HD Plus display with a refresh rate of ninety Hertz the colours really pop out in this.

I have to say that there is a certain level of saturation on this which I do like that said one issue that I did notice with the display was that it is not that bright I mean outdoor usage under direct sunlight can be an issue but other than that but this play is absolutely fantastic and the screen really enhances the overall experience speaking about experience let’s talk about the user experience for a while so the Nubia red magic tree comes with Android 9 PI out of the box and there are no custom skins or anything it’s completely stock which gets the Nubia a thumbs up from me for every other additional thing that Nubia has to offer it is under its game space which can be triggered by the compete button in the top left side of the device I’ll talk about that in a while but I really have to admire how Nubia have managed to keep everything.

So clean I mean that is something that can not be said for a lot of Chinese brands out there now one more thing that I really want to stress on is how all the gaming elements actually add on to the day-to-day usage of the device for instance here on the back side you have this nice RGB LED strip which you can customize as for your liking and the best thing about this device is that whenever there is a notification there’s hardly a chance that you’ll miss it I mean whenever you get a call this are Jewish you applied here lights up and then whenever there is an Android notification we can either find it in the notification LED in the front or via this red red magic logo that lights up I mean it’s a very little thing but I admire it quite a lot another hood.

you get the flagship snapdragon 855 processor coupled with 8gb of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage in terms of benchmarks this thing is pretty much at the top competing with even flagships out there as for gaming I could game on this device all day long being the hardware is one thing but the overall experience is really enhanced with everything else that the newbie red magic three offers the air triggers here make gaming so much easier have been using them in titles like abdi and three file and while it does take some time to get used to them once you do you won’t be going back to normal screen tapping anytime soon oh and then there’s the audio underneath this thing comes at four dimensional sound so you can actually feel where the gunfire is coming from without having to put on any headphones speaking about.

Which the vibration motor underneath is pretty fantastic too I mean it’s quite strong and for normal day usage it’s best to keep it turned off ever if you’re gaming this thing really enhances the overall experience because you can not only here but also feel where the stun fire is coming from oh and did I tell you that there’s actually a sign inside this as well yeah an actual fan inside the chassis I mean in terms of thermals the smartphone never crossed the 50 degree Celsius mark for me which is great because I had been gaming pop G for over three and a half hours now when I said that I could actually game on this all day long it’s also because the smartphone would allow me to do that I mean I’m not even kidding this thing packs in a humungous 5000 mAh battery that just never dies keeping.

The screen and ninety Hertz and gaming for the majority of my use case the device still managed to give me around 6 hours of screen on time which is just great as for charging the new PR advisor 3 comes with support for 27 what fast charging now having said that the inbox charger only supports up to 18 worth of fast charging which roughly comes out to be three hours of charging time for this baby to fill up while that sounds like a big number let’s be honest here most of us still charge or device at night only and to be honest in the day this phone will last you no matter what you throw at it well that was it the movie red magic free is a fantastic device and I absolutely love it and there’s honestly nothing to complain about except that there is the camera man as much as I love this phone I absolutely hate the camera on this device.

I mean I could go around and throw in specs for you that it comes with a 48 megapixel sensor and supports recording up to 8 K yeah 8 K but all of that means absolutely nothing since the actual results are horrendous and that result is consistent whether you talk of the front camera or the back camera the images are soft dull lacking details and just look really really bad I’m sorry for being harsh but there is no other way to talk about the camera performance that said I do appreciate the camera away it comes with smart features and there’s also this leveler built right into the shutter button which is a nice touch now the one thing that I do at my about this device is that it comes with full support for camera2 api there’s no stable Google camera food available for the device as of yet but I would like to think that once it comes out it would actually improve upon the camera performance.

That said the performance so far in the camera department is really bad which is why I reserved it for the lost so yes the Nubian red magic tree actually worth its price well talking about the price at the time of this short I do not know the actual price of the device but for all I know the device will be priced between the 30,000 to the 40,000 bracket now in that segment the Nubia red magic tree is practically everything that you want from a smartphone except for the cameras I mean think of it as the 1 plus 7 flow at a much cheaper price it offers pretty much everything except for the cameras and an outdated design if you can let go of the cameras the red magic 3 is pretty much deeper of it phone for you to buy that’s it if you are a gamer who wants to buy or gaming phone but wants decent camera performance as well.

You may have to spend the entire 40,000 on the black shop to black shop 2 offers pretty much everything that the new VR red magic 3 offer us except for the 90 hours display but makes up for it with its great cameras now obviously both the black shop – and the new VR in massive three come with a vessel full design so obviously they would look kind of outdated in 2019 so if that is something that you’re concerned about you can look into the other option such as a 1 + 7 Pro the open end of all the upcoming issue 6 Z they all come with flagship specs great battery life create a great software and overall a good promise on both the software front as well as warranty so to be honest the new Baron Mazda 3 isn’t a bad choice it’s just something that you have to be very clear about your priorities before actually purchasing.

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