The Motorola one macro is built majorly out of polycarbonate with a nice gradient finish at the back the finish is shiny and not matte and that does concern me a little bit the back has already picked up a few scratches even after keeping it in the cover now the good thing is that you get the cover inside the box in fact it’s already installed on the phone when you take it out now the phone otherwise is pretty well built you have a unibody sort of a design and the power button is textured so that you’re not fiddling around trying to find it phone comes with a USB type-c port which makes it one of the very few phone hundred thousand and I think the first Motorola phone to launch 100,000 with a USB type-c port it also comes with a single speaker that’s pretty loud the speaker doesn’t back in the punch that the one vision and the one action had but it’s pretty standard and the headphone jack again is pretty standard the fingerprint scanner sits at the back inside that Motorola logo.

It’s something that I like always I always look forward to it and it’s a nice little touch now apart from that fingerprint scanner you also get face unlock with this so you have two methods of biometric unlock all in all I think the design of the Motorola one macro is really good and you get a load of worth for the money that you pay [Music] now we come to display and the mood of one macro sports a colorful HD Plus display now the display is not the highest resolution and you can get a few full HD plus resolution displays at this price too the display has a small notch and the chin is also respectively small it’s up there with other smartphones at this price design-wise now talking about the display itself I did not find color shifts per se and the quality looks to be good here there was light bleeding at some places but I don’t think that was anything that you’d notice unless you put it under a microscope.

Now why do I an l1 isn’t supported but that seems to be the norm with devices in this price range the touch and feel on the display is pretty smooth and I’ve had no problems yet the phone doesn’t come with a screen protector unfortunately and if you want to keep it looking intact then I’d suggest you buying a screen guard for it all in all while I would have liked the display to be slightly bigger I think it’s pretty damn fine for the price now we move to software and this device does not come with Android one branding so it’s not under the Android one program but that hasn’t stopped modo from giving you that straight out of Google experience what that has done though is a long.

Motorola to go full throttle by involving all Motorola features possible stock android of course means zero bloatware and that is the case here the experience is so familiar and lag free then it’s difficult not to love it the stock UI also means that it’s not as taxing on the processor as other competitors and hence means maximum performance possible for that processor device comes with emmc 5.1 storage with the read speeds of up to 260 megabytes a second and impressive write speeds of about two hundred and sixteen megabytes per second this write speed is something that we don’t even get with a lot of u FS 2.1 storages.

So that’s really impressive Motorola has also assured that you will get two years worth of software updates on this which means that this one is surely getting Android Q apart from that you have the motor features like mode of actions modernist none of moto gestures that you can do on the screen so I think software-wise the moto one macro is one of the best devices on a ten thousand and if you are someone who likes that stock Android experience then the mode of one macro is second to none now we move to performance and inside that mode of one macro is a two gigahertz Helio-p7d chipset which is quite a powerful one in my opinion the chipset is available in a few devices in this price but among those Helio-P 70 devices.

The one macro is the only one that runs clean stock Android and that means that you can use the most power out of this chipset this is clearly why the daily usage on this phone is very smooth there are barely any lags and for the most part you will have a good experience now when it comes to gaming the device isn’t necessarily the most powerful but yes casual gaming is handled pretty well by the smartphone here are the benchmark scores for Euro take a look at that being said I’m sure you understand the fact that Motorola hasn’t intended for the one Mac o to be a gaming device by any length and if you talk about daily usage then that Helio-p7 richard said and the four leagues of RAM that it get should get you through the day pretty easily.

Let’s move to the cameras on the Motorola One Macro and at the back you actually get a triple camera setup so the standard main sensor that you’d use for most of your pictures is a 13 megapixel sensor it comes with an f/2 aperture and a 1.1 2 micron pixel size you also get laser autofocus something that very few phones have in this price range you also get a 2 megapixel depth sensor but the main hero here on this phone is that 2 megapixel macro lens and the best thing about this is that it can actually go as close as 2 centimeters which is truly amazing and the fact that you can get so close is very very enticing.

Now if taking a few pictures from that macro camera also of video using that macro camera so it’s not just pictures that you can take but he can also take a video using this camera again some again a functionality that very few phones offer but I’ve taken a video through it and please let me know what you think about it to me while the resolution of course on that macro camera is not enough for me to take some very professional pictures but I think the fact that it can go this close and for this price gives me that macro experience is worth it now for video it does not shoot 4k but it can shoot up to 60fps or 120 FPS for slow-mo.

You can also shoot 240 FPS at 720p using this phone now on the front camera you have an 8 megapixel sensor and here are a few selfies that we took now there are some dynamic range issues happening both on the back and the front camera or you can clearly see in these pictures a few areas where there are blown out highlights that’s it for the most part the pictures look pretty good we’ll be able to give you a better picture when we do a camera comparison so let me know if you want us to do a camera comparison of the Motorola One Macro with other phones in this price range let us know what phones you want this phone compared to in my opinion while the cameras are good they’re not the best that you can get under 10000 rupees now inside the motor one macro is something that’s not so macro and that’s the big 4000 MAh battery and that photos an image battery will easily take you through a full day of heavy usage.

If you use it casually then you can also go one one and a half day with that the screen on time that I got with that 4000 mAh battery is about 6 to 6.5 hours and that is something I expected with that stock Android with the Helio P 70 inside and that big 4000 mAh battery and I got exactly what I expected now inside the box you do get a 10 watt charger which takes anywhere from 2 us 10 minutes to 2 hours 20 minutes to charge this phone from zero to hundred which is pretty damn nice if you look at that 4000 image pad and even if you charge it for just about an hour.

You will get half the battery which on casual usage can easily take you through a full day the Motorola One Macro is an absolutely phenomenal device for the under 10000 price tag with that 70 P plus display 4000 mAh battery the Helio-P 70 subset all of this only powering the very clean and means dog Android experience on the Motorola one macro I think you have a great package here and to add to that you have that special macro camera of course you have the standard camera at the back and a good front camera as well but that macro camera is here and it can go as close as 2 centimeter so I think the whole package also Motorola One Macro is pretty damn good for the price if you know what you think in the comment section below.

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