Moto G-6 Play Review:

So Motorola recently announced the new Moto G 6 Series in India our first impressions of the Moto G 6 are already up on our channel a link to which should be in a card somewhere here but apart from the g6 Motorola also launched a more affordable variant of the g6 called the g6 play.

First impressions of the newly launched moto g6 play before we continue with this video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell like in to get notified about more such awesome tech videos so the Moto G 6 play comes inside a green box this is the 3 GB 32 GB variant of the phone and it is the Indigo black color we’ll definitely unbox and see how that looks now turning around you’ll see that the phone comes with a 1.4 gigahertz octa-core processor we all know it’s the Snapdragon 430 and it comes with the 4000 mAh battery with turbo power charging as well on the rear you get only a single 13 megapixel camera and other front you get this 8 megapixel camera the calling card for the Moto G 6 play is definitely it’s 4000 mAh battery and that’s what sets it apart let’s start with the unboxing itself so on unboxing the top lid.

You’ll find the phone inside of course that’s the first thing that you see it comes the pre-applied screen guard and this is the indigo black variant it looks a little blue indigo blue in my opinion and one of the things that you need to note that this is a plastic body and not a glass body I’ll talk about the phone more in detail let me just set that aside and find out what else you get inside the box it’s got sticky loose inside you will find of course these manuals which you know you can read or not that’s up to you and you’ve got this sim eject tool and of course you’ve got this adapter which is put inside a plastic case so this is a turbo power adapter that you get inside the box this is a 5 watt 3 ampere charger let me keep that aside as well you also get a pair of earphones inside the for something of a rarity in this price range actually but these earphones are not necessarily in your and these are just the regular earbud types I don’t know how many people would actually appreciate this.

But you know you get a mic along with it so people who travel a lot I don’t like top of the phone that’s definitely going to be useful and of course there is the micro USB charging cable as well what I like about the design on the rear is also the fact that it comes with a nice metal fingerprint with this Motorola logo on it it definitely sets it apart from the rest of the competition in the same price range and this camera module that’s there on the top the circular one it doesn’t jut out too much from the phone either so it’s definitely a nice design a nice and pleasing design the curves on the rail also sit nicely in the path and feels nice to hold as well what I will do is I’ll talk more about the design in my full review of the phone until then let’s also take a look at what else do you get in terms of the ports and the buttons as well at the bottom you get a micro USB port and there’s a mic as well and yes there’s a 3.5 mm jack on the top the right has the power button and the volume rocker the power button has ridges which actually makes it easy for us to locate and uses well on the left.

You get this SIM card tray let me unlock that SIM card tray and find out what kind of SIM card tray I get wow that’s awesome you don’t there is this is not a hybrid sentry you get two separate slots for your nano SIM cards and a micro SD card slot as well so that’s pretty close Motorola I really like this implementation so let’s talk a little bit about the specs of the phone on the Rio you get a 13 megapixel camera and on the front you got an 8 megapixel camera the rear 13 megapixel camera is supported by an LED – inside the phone you get a snapdragon 430 SOC which is an octa-core 1.4 gigahertz processor and apart from that you also get 3gb of RAM and 32gb of storage as well the other specs include a 4000 mAh battery with turbo power charging.

As well as far as the front of the device is concerned you get this 5.7 inch HD plus display this is the first time Motorola has actually got 18s the 9 with its budget range of smartphones so the Moto G 6 and the G 6 play now comes with an 18 is 9 display and you also get a resolution of 1440 by 720p which is an HD plus resolution and this is an IPS LCD panel one of the things to note is that I like most of the force without a neediness a 9 display you’ve got massive bezels on the top at the bottom and with nothing but the Motorola logo at the bottom and of course the eops the front camera and the LED flash as well what are the main features of any moto g6 smartphone is the fact that it comes with you know plain vanilla stock Android out of the box it comes with Android 8.0 audio let’s just get into settings and let me show you that right now so if you head into system and if you take a look at.

You know about the phone you’ll see that it’s running Android eight point zero point zero which is good I mean a lot of Motorola phones in the past recently haven’t been updated to Android over yet so that’s definitely a problem but let’s hope that doesn’t continue with the G 6 series and let’s hope that Android P also comes to you know Moto G’s explained so so one of the things that I notice is that moto started bundling third-party apps with the phone now you get LinkedIn and outlook out of the box and fully can delete all of that but you know this is the first time that I’ve actually seen a Motorola phone coming with these apps you also get phone pay on it by default the one thing that says Motorola phones apart from other phones in this same price range is definitely more to actions let me jump and show you what all kind of actions you can do you can sort of chop twice for flashlight twist for quick capture and all of those stuff so let me just show you there you go chop twice and flashlight off as well and press twice for camera.

It’s probably the easiest way to open a camera it’s pretty awesome so let me just get out of that so talking about the camera let’s just jump right into the camera and figure out what all settings you get obviously it’s a bad basic app there’s not much to it jumping into the settings you’ll notice that there’s a video mode for sure and you get this panorama mode in any recession that’s interesting there is a slow-motion video shooting mode as well will test all of these features out in our full review and there is a pro camera as well for people who want manual controls one of the interesting things to note is that the Moto G 6 play comes with HDR or two on.

So let’s see how fast it actually shoots start bad it’s actually pretty fast for a phone which comes with a satellite at four thirty processor so the processing is happening pretty fast and not too many details as of now but you know we have to actually extensively use it to figure out how the camera functions and of course on the front you get this you know 8mp camera as well so yeah that’s pretty fast aspire to shoot so just heading out this is the Moto G six play for you guys we’ve spent we have not spend too much time with it yet we gotta spend a lot of time to figure out how it actually performs so those are my first impressions of the Moto G six play if you want a full review of the phone and a comparison with any other smartphone do let us know in the comment section below.

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