Mi Dual Driver In-Ear Earphones review:

You know unless they actually take a close look at yours that’s not gonna happen but regardless of that this is a very clean design in my opinion and apart from that I like these angular tips which means that listening to music on these earphones for long durations is never gonna be painful and I actually did experience that I use these for six hours it’s stretch without any problem at all yes I do listen to music but at low volume remember that now apart from this what I like about the earphones are is also the fact that it’s got a magnetic latch and this will become very common in a lot of your phones that I get nowadays like for example even the rear me but to came with it now you like you know something like the Bluetooth wireless earphones that you get nowadays like the One Touch pullets Wireless – or you know the real me buds or Wireless you of course directly pass functions so that’ll be a little too much to expect as well.

But you know regardless you get this now apart from that you also get a braided cable now which is damn cool so braided means that it is going to be much more sturdier than regular ear phones out there so that’s nice and you get an l-shaped gold-plated you know tip as well which goes into your headphone jack that is if you have one on your phone but I like this l-shaped tip it actually makes it easier for you to hold your phone horizontally and not trouble you when you’re using it now I also like the Y junction which is also connected to these two wires of course that connect to the left to the right housing this is actually pretty sturdy as well and of course the right housing also has your inline remote plus mic so the inline remote has a play/pause function plus you know volume up and down which can also be used to change tracks.

This also can be used to invoke any voice assistant of your choice this inline remote has pretty tactile buttons no prob you know your basic stuff everything all grounds covered now one of the things that I would have liked with the you know dual driver your phones is something like a cable loop that you get with something like the DL rebuts – now that’s obviously cheaper but I like the fact that you’ve got a cable loop as well on that so which means that you don’t have to buy a separate case or cover to you know carry this along with you now talking about case and cover what you get inside the box apart from the phones themselves of course are you know one guide and apart from that you get three pairs of extra tips all of them are silicon tips obviously you don’t get comp life form or any side kind of foam with this that will be expected too much for this price but those silicon tips are fine and you should actually find a good tip good seal with one of the tips for your years as well shouldn’t be a problem as such what I found is that.

The medium tip worked well for me because I generally use the medium one so that was actually attached to the earphones themselves so design wise this is very basic very ¬†well done not much to complain about except for the fact that I would have liked the cable loop but you know this it is pretty good in my opinion now coming to the specs of these earphones now dual drivers now what our dual drivers essentially your phones come with drivers that drive the sound for example if you’ve taken a look at a pair of speakers right now I mean inside this because you will see these cones that sort of push you know music push air to give you sound that those are essentially drivers similarly tiny drivers are inside these your phones as well now instead of one driver inside each housing you’ve got two drivers what does this mean okay.

Now these two drivers are there inside these housings are you know dual dynamic drivers not gently when you have dual drivers you get a dynamic driver and a balanced amateur now why do you get a different kind of driver now dynamic driver is important for you know bass frequencies and it does bass frequencies really well so if you want a really good low-end thump dynamic drivers can be tuned well for low and thump with balanced armature you know the mids and the highs can are pristine and clear but balanced ammeter is generally more expensive so in this price range dual dynamic drivers obviously is something that you can only expect and which is what Xiaomi has gone with as well now with dual dynamic drivers.

You know the sound also changes and it becomes far more cleaner I will come to that in a bit but you know these are what they are and you get the drivers and the combination of eight millimeters and you know ten millimeter size now apart from that of the it’s got a rated impedance of 32 ohms which we said it can be driven easily by most smartphones most audio players you know mp3 players out there so that shouldn’t be a problem at all of course this is a pair of affordable your phone so they’re supposed to do the you know be driven by most equipment or this that’s not a problem and apart from that as for the specs you can expect these earphones to play for 20 Hertz to 20000 kilohertz which is generally you know the bare basic standard for most ear phones out there which means that it can do very good low end and high end according to just a spec now obviously this all these specs do not matter what matters is the sound signature and the tuning so let me get down to that.

Right now talking about the sound signature of the me you know dual driver your phones I’ve been testing them out extensively the moment I got hit I sort of tweeted it out saying that this is not my scene now why did I say that I said that primarily because I found the bass to be booming so I expected it to sort of you know become better over a period of time although that was not the case the bass is actually pretty booming I’ll tell you why the bass feels booming and if you are someone who kind of likes the booming bass sound if you listen to a lot of EDM if you listen to a lot of you know loud Bollywood music then these earphones are definitely gonna excite you but in my opinion they don’t work as a very clean sort of you know analytical sound.

Now that is not something that everybody wants either so coming back to the you know piece now essentially you get good piece primarily because you’ve got two dynamic track for something so obviously the pace is boosted and we’re talking about bass there are also two kinds of bass you’ve got the sub bass and the big bass the sub bass is the ones are the ones that are around the criteria Hertz – you know 4200 Hertz frequencies and the sub bass is what is causing the problem for me the sub bass is definitely bloated and it bleeds into the other frequencies what Xiaomi has done is actually tuned the mid bass so well that the thump and you know everything feels very tight for example in a song like a one nation by sea these actually sound really really good.

But when you’re looking at something like you know a Centurion by lon and the sub-base is actually very very heavy out there and the sub-base sort of bleeds into the other frequencies and kills the whole excitement of me listening to the whole song having said that if you listen do a lot of cool stick music where you have you know maids and mostly maids and little bit of highs as well then me in your Bureau your phones TVs this your phones go back now apart from this what I like about the sound signature is that it’s mostly clean and pristine and what I like about it is that it does get muddied especially when there’s a base and wall but if there is no sub base involved then you know it sounds pretty clear but in most situations the surface base in what it’s not going to be you know s capable apart from that.

What I like about these earphones is that the sound staging which is basically how the sound feels in your head it actually feels pretty wide for a pair of you know 800 rupees earphones that’s really really good and it’s also got very very good imaging as well so basically all the instruments that are available in a songs are separated very well again I’m talking specifically from the perspective of an 802 p pair of your course essentially but what happens when you have dual drivers is that you know the frequencies can be separated across two different drivers and this means that you can get a little bit better imaging and which is what exactly happens with this.

And so for example when you’re listening to a song like do I want to know by the Arctic Monkeys in the penultimate section of the song before the song ends there are a lot of instruments that play a lot of them a ton of them there are there’s a lot of high frequencies there’s a lot of percussions there’s a lot of guitar or there’s of course the chorus in the focus as well now when all of that comes together right a lot of your phones in this price range struggle they sound muddied this one doesn’t struggle as much as you know most of the earphones – it does a pretty damn good job which is what I like about you know these earphones having said that I am still very very disappointed with the fact.

That Xiaomi went for a very high pace tuning but if you like this and I know that a lot of people do and if you like that boomy kind of bass then this one works for you I just wish that it was Xiaomi had spent a little bit more time during the sub-base and instead just used a single driver and made it sound even better but again that’s just me I prefer dual drivers with you know balanced and with a balanced armature and a dynamic driver but of course after I become more expensive maybe Shawn we might work on something like that in the future so according to be the sound is a solid say three out of five like if I had to give it a rating nothing more than that in my opinion so yes so that was my review of these pure dual driver your phones a lot of you guys are probably planning to pick it up you can’t pick it up if you like a lot of you.

If you like listening to a lot of bass music because design wise it’s incredible sturdiness it feels really good I think that these can last and they won’t free easily so that’s really nice plus you’ve got these magnetic housings plus you know it won’t tangle easily so all of those are definitely advantages and of course if you like again I’m coming to the same point that if you like listened to a lot of bass heavy music then this will work for you I don’t I generally prefer a cleaner sound and now if you want a cleaner more analytical more you know emphasize sound which sort of gives more details in the trebles and the mids and gives you a little bit more room to breathe and you know sound airy then I have a couple of other options field.

Now one of the most important options that I would pick is the focal sense 100 TSI and those are actually pretty good but they have one particular problem that this one source is that they are not as sturdy and they’re the the build quality is not that great compared to Shawn makes reference so if you want something that that is most ideal and you can take the sound signature then this one is this but if you want something that you can take care of and you know baby it but get better sound signature or does it a little more cleaner a little more open then I would prefer something that the focus ends now there’s also the real be buds too which is actually much cheaper than these and I like the subjugation of the really much too but I think this is a little more defined and well refined comparatively except for the fact that the base the base is to think that keeps annoying me over and over again I don’t know what you guys think so do let me know in the comment section below.

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