LG G8s ThinQ review:

The LG a test think you is a beautifully designed phone but it would be difficult for me to call it a very big upgrade but yes it does look pretty nice to me the frame of the device is wider than the g7 plus think you and while I do prefer the g7 thinner frame I’m alright with this change given that there’s a bigger battery inside the power button placement on the G a testing Q is on the upper side of the frame now and for your friends who’ve never used this phone they’ll think that this is a real placement that said once you start using it you realize just how comfortable that position is the GA testing – is not a huge phone and for such a phone it does make sense to experiment with the placement and I would say this experiment was successful.

This also helps because generally when you have volume buttons and power button on the same level on either sides of the phone pressing one you would accidentally press the other this placement avoids that as well now the GS think you also has another button for the Google assistant and I love that the power of Google assistant being one physical click away makes things very easy not having to say hey Google like hundred times a day it does make you feel good the nonce this time around is actually bigger than the g7 because there are more sensors there and I actually later on realized that the earpiece was actually shifted to the right side and I have been using this phone like a normal phone putting my ear just where other your pieces would be and I did not even notice the shift in position the headphone jack on the g8 s think you is to die for and there are separate audio players later.

You can buy that do not produce the kind of sound the phone comes with basic in box earphones that said they do not do justice to the kind of quality that this can produce the speaker quality is good but the volume is lower than I expected the z7 plus stinky was known for its powerful speaker sound this one not so much but it still does a good job the physical fingerprint scanner is also something I like a lot the only thing that I might not like completely is that it’s not recessed so it’s pretty much on the same level as the back glass so sometimes it becomes difficult but if you have the LG case on which comes inside the box and you should not have problem with that.

There is also face unlock on this and that works pretty damn well as well but I use the fingerprint scanner a lot more moving to display the LGG 8’s think you brings a big upgrade over the g7 + in cube with the shift to an AMOLED display but also drops a little bit in the resolution the display is bright colorful crisp and of great quality the color accuracy is also pretty on point it comes with an HDR 10 display and also comes with DCI p3 color space so you really have a lot happening here there is that characteristic color shifts that AMOLED displays have other than that it’s a pretty decent displays and I have no complaints whatsoever it even lets you hide the notch and do weird things to it.

If you’re into that the phone does come with Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the screen but it does not come with a screen protector out of the box which means that if you want that you have to actually go outside and get someone but if you want to get a screen protector then you have to buy it from outside all in all I think the display experience although there is a drop in resolution I actually like the display of the g8 s think you better than the one on the g7 + + 2 just because it is AMOLED moving to software the g8 s think you runs LG’s custom skin on top of Android 9 pi this might be the one thing on this phone that I’m not a big fan of the UI doesn’t feel very mature there are basic functions that take more time like taking your screen short turning on and off toggles the phone is pretty fast.

But I think the UI could be more mature than it is right now that’s it I do not hate the kind of customization that LG provides is insane from personalization using the most versatile always-on display options that have seen two team engines the phone is packed with customisation options the device is supported by project tribal but no support for seamless updates now in the past LG hasn’t necessarily been the best when it comes to Android updates up so I’m going to leave it at that hopefully LG actually picks up speed and gives you the timely updates but as of now I cannot really tell if they’re gonna be regular with the updates the device comes with Android my pill navigation method and it works pretty damn well I actually use that for most of my usage with this one.

The LGG destiny comes with snapdragon 8:55 it’s six gigs of RAM and 128 GB storage and the performance is truly flagship grade the SD 855 is very powerful and it clearly shows in the way that this phone functions compared to one per 70 this does compare very well in benchmark scores even and actually scores 395 K on hand to do which is a crazy number the oneplus 70 actually scored slightly lower and the asus rog phone – again with the 855 + which supposedly was the highest Andrew scorer only schools 393 K which means that this is higher benchmark score then even the asus rog phone – that’s some achievement I guess but I’m not someone who depends a lot on benchmark and for daily performance.

I actually love this phone and if we talk about the gaming performance then I played a pest twenty20 a lord on this I even played pub G and the experience was second to none I had a wonderful experience the display is very nice the speaker performance is good and if you listen to audio through it phone jack then it is absolutely beautiful you can actually turn on DTS 3d surround sound and that does make the game feel a lot more lively than it would with any other phone on daily use it is pretty nice there were a few times when I found instabilities but that was mostly because of the UI some glitches in the UI but apart from that the daily performance was also pretty damn smooth and I believe for someone who is looking to buy the LG G Edison Cube performance is not the place.

Where you will have to worry at all ┬ánow coming to cameras the g8s thank you comes with a triple camera setup with 12 megapixel standard lens thank God it’s not the mx-5 at 640 megapixels but it’s a 12 megapixel standard lens a 12 megapixel telephoto and a 13 megapixel ultra wide lens this is more a flagship grade setup it almost reminds me of the iPhone 11 Pro setup the pictures that this phone takes are fabulous I especially like the colorscience used here and the details and sharpness are also quite on point the parity between the three lenses is pretty good too and there are barely any Android phones that provide that you have the option to choose between any of the cameras even for video and the unique thing about LG is that they not only provide your manual camera mode but you can use the manual camera on the wide-angle lens as well or even on the telephoto.

If you want so you have amazing kind of control that you do not get with most phones and this is not the whole story you also get manual video mode like you even get the ability to control the gain on microphones and turn on wind noise filter too here are some more samples taken from the phone let me know what you think about these cameras in the conversation below for me compared to a 1 plus 70 I’ll actually go with the LG g 8s thank you not just because of slightly better color signs that I saw but also because of the manual control that I get with the cameras moving finally to battery we have 3550 MH battery which is much bigger than the one on the d7 plus didn’t you and this also comes with an AMOLED display.

Which means that if you use darker wallpapers then you would be able to save a lot more battery well in my usage it did get average screen one times over on five hours 40 minutes to 6 hours which isn’t excellent but is a big improvement over the g7 + in Q the g7 + think use weak point was the battery the battery drain happens more when you are trying to look for signals which happens an awful lot but on Wi-Fi this phones drains much less battery now when the phone’s comes a 16 watts close to a 16 watt charger with charges up the device from 0-200 in about two hours all in all while I think that the battery performance of the LG G a testing Q is nothing to write home about it’s much better than the decent + into and gets it at least on the same stage as a lot of other phones in this price range

Moving to call quality in performance the network performance lacks stability in this phone there were multiple instances in a day where I have to restart the phone to get the signals back whenever switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data I had this problem and it was much more on this phone compared to any other phone and now it could be because there is an issue in my unit but this is what I experienced the network stability was not very good at least for data for calls it was already fine but for 3G or 4G networks outside it wasn’t really the best the LGG a distinct you is a great package with the 855 inside which produces amazing performance that AMOLED display up front the manual camera modes and the amazing cameras that are on this phone and the excellent multimedia performance that has been brought just like the g7 + thank you.

I think this is a great package and for the price I think it’s almost a steal now comparing it to its biggest competitor maybe which is the oneplus 70 in my eyes the only area where I think the oneplus 70 has a slight advantage is with the performance and not so much because of the chipset but because of the UI oxygen OS is very mature it is one of the snappiest Android skins available in the world Chile a lot of people prefer it over stock Android even when it comes to performance so that’s actually a high bar to cross but apart from that I think the LG G distinct cue is a much better phone in almost every other area and between the oneplus 70 and the LG g 8s thing – if I had to choose for a phone although I don’t like that not I would still go with DG 8’s think you because of the manual control that I get with the camera and the kind of multimedia performance that I get with the phone and with that element to it.

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