Lenovo Yoga C940 2-in-1 Laptop Review:

Today we’re going to be talking about a thin light laptop. the Lenovo yoga c940 and it’s powered by some very interesting hardware. the yoga c940 is powered by intel’s ice lake processor. this is the core i7 1065 g7 this is a quad core processor with eight threads with a base clock of 1.3 gigahertz capable of boosting all the way up to 3.9 gigahertz pretty impressive.

There’s also 16 gigs of ram on board and a 512 gb nvme drive by Samsung which is actually pretty damn fast. what I really like is that this 14 inch display is actually a 1080p display instead of being a 4k display. now when you have a screen size this small cramming 4k pixels just makes no sense very honestly it doesn’t it eats into your battery life and it creates all these awkward scaling problems across programs.

So Lenovo having stuck with a 1080p display is actually pretty pretty commendable other than that the c940, also comes with the fingerprint reader on board there’s also an included stylus which very elegantly fits into the body and of course it does this thing that’s why the yoga can you do that but you can’t but bragging about the yoga aside.

Let’s talk about the performance of this machine now being powered by intel’s ice lake processors there’s two things that you get you have a low power cpu as a low power consumption cpu based on the 10 nanometer process so it can give you slightly better battery life than before and you also end up getting slightly better performance both of those promises do hold true.

Now we’ve seen we’ve run our benchmark tests on this machine we’ve got pc mark 10 office we’ve got pc mark 10 applications 3d mark dc mark 8 and a whole other bunch of programs that we basically use to test the performance of thin and light laptops in all of those tests the c940 does pretty well.

But where it really does definitely shine is in day-to-day tasks now if you’re gonna buy this machine for office use or even college yes it’s a pricey proposition but here’s a really cool thing this is a machine that’s designed to last you a few years having used. this machine as a daily driver for a few weeks now um it’s been very clear that besides heavy photo editing or video editing it can handle pretty much anything.

So that’s really nice and it doesn’t feel like it’s getting too hot for usage that’s what the u series or rather these low-power cpus are designed for and this one being the 10 nanometer one from intel is actually pretty impressive so performance wise if you as long as you’re using this for needs such as researching typing up documents making excel sheets powerpoint presentations even converting stuff between different formats.

Let’s say you’re converting a pdf to word or word pdf vice versa heavy tasks like those as well you’re not going to experience any trouble in fact you could even get away with a little bit of photo editing instead of lightroom classic if you were to use the adobe lightroom you could still get away with a little bit of photo editing as well photoshop does tend to make the laptop sluggish.

So I think that would be the breaking point for this machine moving past the performance which is definitely impressive is let’s talk about this display this 1080p panel is if there had to be a fault with it it’s the fact that it’s a glossy panel and it is definitely very very reflective even at its peak brightness you can still see a lot of what’s behind you especially.

If you’re in lighting condition like right now it’s a bright room that we’re shooting in and I can see a lot of stuff behind me you can see the stuff on the wall etc if you go outdoors with this laptop you will definitely have this issue it doesn’t hinder with legibility of text it doesn’t hinder with uh bright content but it does definitely play a role with you know clarity in general.

So it would have been nice had Lenovo stuck with the matte coated display on this one but you get a glossy one but it’s not bad it’s actually quite bright clocking in at about 320 lux of brightness and fairly consistent across the corners with 310 across all four edges.

The other thing about this display is that it is touch enabled being a yoga this machine also has to double up as a tablet and therefore has to have touch capabilities so it is quite likely that the reason you have this glossy panel is so that you could have the touch functionality other than that genuinely there’s very little to complain about the display except for the fact that it’s very reflective and can often also be used as a mirror in a pinch just put a dark wallpaper on this and you can see yourself.

The webcam this is actually really cool it’s a 720p webcam on here and comes with a physical privacy shutter so this is something really nice that Lenovo’s been doing with a lot of it’s the recent laptops they’re building physical shutters on the webcam.

Because you know they probably thought that people care about the privacy since so many of us do tend to tape that up so they’ve built in a physical shutter that’s nice the quality of the webcam itself is fairly average and uh can’t really expect more from it what the webcam doesn’t do is windows hello so it’s just a webcam does not have the 3d face modeling hardware there’s no infrared cameras here, so there is no windows hello facial recognition which is okay because you have this really nice fingerprint sensor under the keyboard.

Now speaking of the keyboard it’s every bit Lenovo like i don’t know how to say this because Lenovo’s keyboards whether it’s the thinkpad lineup whether it’s the x1 series whether it’s uh ideapad they’ve or they’ve got this very signature shape which is sort of like this u-shaped keys and they’re nice and broad the large keycaps the travel on this one is a little lower than for example what we saw on the legion 5i recently not a lot of travel but the typing experience is still very very nice like I wish that this keyboard was available across other machines as well for example let’s say the hp envy that we recently reviewed would have been so nice to have these keys on it.

It does feature backlighting it’s white backlighting in two stages so that’s pretty much all you get other than that the trackpad on this is fairly small now this is not a very big trackpad I would have liked it to be bigger but it’s not unfortunately but it works well has windows supports windows precision drivers understands gestures works with them very well there’s really no reason to complain it’s not one of those track pads that stand out, because they’re so exceptionally good but at the same time it is so very functional and does its job.

So well that it sort of blends into that entire good user experience concept in terms of ports everything is on one side of the machine you’ve of course got a usb type a port you’ve got two thunderbolt 3.0 ports and a headphone jack that’s pretty much it so if you wanted to connect an external display you’re going to have to utilize that type c port over here the thunderbolt 3 port you can also expand.

Because you’ve got the flexibility of thunderbolt so over and all pretty impressive uh package when it comes to the io the trackpad and the keyboard now let’s talk about the c940 special feature its ability to do yoga turn into a tablet so here’s the thing when you have the machine in tablet mode it’s not very light it’s slightly heavy,

So you need to make sure you have a good grip on it whether you’re using it in portrait mode or landscape but what you do get is this nice large 14 inch canvas to work with and there is a stylus that’s included with this machine which you can use to annotate documents which you can use to draw which you can even use to sort of proof any kind of edit.

If it’s a photo edit or if it’s text whatever Microsoft word might all of in fact the Microsoft office suite supports inking so you’ve got windows inking built in and because there’s a stylus you can just sort of write annotate do whatever you want with it so for example in tablet mode this right here is a great way to watch movies if you wanted to um the speaker is built into this hinge over here which you cannot see right now.

But it’s in this hinge so if you do watch movies know that this is gonna be a down firing speaker in this orientation if you do fold it the other way and lift it back up and hold it then the speaker’s orientation changes as well overall as a tablet it is big it is unwieldy and it takes getting used to like you really want you should really want to have this form factor to get used to it but does it work well and it surprisingly does whether you are just wanting to browse stuff whether you’re wanting to write it helps with the whole note taking concept like you can have the tablet like.

So this stylus right here which is actually included with the tablet and has a really nice slot for you to put it into where it charges through as well um it’s really really helpful because you can just go into your you set it in tablet mode start writing whatever you wanted and as like.

I can write just fine with enough resistance from the hinge uh to not feel like this is going to buckle over and that’s really really nice so Lenovo’s really designed this hinge uh keeping in mind that if people want to use this like a canvas if people want to use this as a book to write on a notebook to write on they really cancer my hand is here I’m not holding it and I just took down something over here yes the hinge does move back and forth a little bit.

But it’s not enough for you to lose confidence in its rigidity or for you to make mistakes while you’re writing scribbling or taking notes so that’s um on the inking part in terms of its sound quality the audio on this is okay it’s not neither is it very loud and neither is it very wholesome it just feels like a very, it’s a small speaker and you can hear that it’s a small speaker but that’s all right because there is only so much you can expect from a form factor like this one Lenovo’s had to employ some really clever engineering to build a sound system into a hinge.

So that you can actually utilize it irrespective of the orientation itself so that’s really commendable so would you or should you go for the Lenovo yoga c940 that’s a very interesting question um for the money you could definitely buy machines that come with better hardware but you will not get this flexibility of a two in one form factor as far as two and ones go this is pretty much at the very top of its game we’ve seen the surface pro 7 kind of a two-in-one and a little on the lower side in terms of performance.

It did get outperformed by an ipad pro for a lot of things but the yoga c940 does seem to hold its own when it comes to performance when it comes to reliability second really notable thing is that throughout the day it does not heat up and perhaps the most important thing is that this baby right here delivers about eight hours of use on a daily basis.

So with the brightness set at fifty percent if you’re wondering what the battery life is like eight hours like i can do an entire day’s worth of work which is typing browsing the web playing music over a bluetooth connection so and still get about eight eight and a half hours of use out of this laptop so it’s really that impressive and that’s in combination with the fact that it’s got a 10 nanometer processor intel’s ice lake series which is optimized for power delivery and also the fact that it’s just got this really nice well optimized hardware so that’s a review of the Lenovo yoga c940.

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