Boat Airdopes 511V2 TWS review:

Roberto hated boats rise to glory is no joke such as the popularity of the brand and the brand value has been increasing so much. that they have a list of celebrities from the field of Bollywood music and cricket endorsing their products. we have big names like gothic Aryan KL Rahul and of course Nazy as well. apart from that boat is also the official audio partner for one of the most popular music festivals in India sunburn. now while that is great for you know marketing purposes of you know both the brand what matters to us.

The boat air dopes 511 v2 fairly bad name for a product but you know again that doesn’t matter because what matters is if this budget truly Wireless here phone are actually better than the ones out there in the market for the same price. and let’s get down to our review of the boat err dopes 511 v2. but confession time half the reason I call the product info review was because it looked so good take the puck shaped case for example it is made entirely of matte plastic and feels extremely nice to touch the bronze accents, and text is possibly the best secondary color used on a product in this price category it makes it look more premium. that it actually is in fact the bronze accents and logo design extends to the back portion of the ear buds as well there are four LED indicators on the front that show how much charge is left in the case in this case.

You know full charge left in the case and the only bummer is the micro-USB port on the rear though considering the true key fit Pro offers type-c charging for just rupees nine double nine I’m not going to spare any manufacturer that only offers micro USB in 2020 moving on the most attractive and cool element of the case, has to be the lid this round sheet of plastic slides and rotates out of the way to reveal the year but inside. I have to admit this is very unique however considering you might be opening and closing the lid often. I am very of the longevity of such a thin sheet of plastic anyway you can easily open and close the lid with one hand in a single sweeping, motion and taking. the buds out of the case is also easy by the way the buds sit snugly inside with tight strong magnets keeping it intact.

Therefore these don’t fall out of the case even if I try to push them out of the case like this look at this now the ear buds are made of plastic and they haven’t attached tube to make it go inside your ears. and form a tight seal I could find a good fit with the bundled ear tips and it stays put as well both claims, are never dropped design and to a certain extent. I can attest to that fact in this stem form-factor the air dopes 5-11 v2, offers are the most assured seals. I have achieved till date it should stay on in your steering runs and for what it is worth, these also come with ipx4 rating for protection from splashing water now the boat a dopes 5-11 v2 uses a now common Bluetooth 5.0 standard for connecting to the phone.

I had a rock-solid connection and it stayed stable for 10 meters easily the buds have a multi-function button on the rear and this is a physical button a single click place or pauses music and also accepts an incoming call long press. the MF B or you know the multifunction button for 2 seconds during a call rejects it well you don’t get volume controls you can double press the MF b on the Left earbud to go to the previous track or you know take a look at this alright and you can double press, the right one to go to the next track long pressing either one of the MF b on the bird, actually brings up the Google assistant now both claims six hours of charge on the earbuds and 24 hours on the case in my testing playing music at hundred-person volume.

I got 6 hours 24 minutes of playback actually exceeding the expectation this is really good battery life for its price category now the end of 5:11 v2, uses the AAC codec like you can see out here for relaying music to your ears the passive isolation on account of the fit is pretty good. and these earbuds can get fairly loud to come into the sound signature I could only describe it as dull drab and messy the first song I threw was an easy pop tune that shouldn’t trouble mostly Oh birds out there. but God the boo me low end and the terrible bass decay in love’s, I liked me better was off-putting to say the least in California kids by Weezer the cymbals sounded so thin and feeble the treble response is almost non-existent.

If you ask me there is no dynamic range whatsoever to the sound despite the fact that our Atma for beer by Animals As Leaders is actually you know recorded really well despite that I couldn’t hear any dynamic range. whatsoever more songs sounded like a jumbled mess of instruments plus the base attack had a major issue with timing and always felt like it was missing a beat in a song let me reserve, I nuclear the MiGs and as a result the vocals were alright but then again it wasn’t good enough to save the air buds 511 v2, from sounding like cheap 50 rupee throwaway earphones that you pick up from a railway station I’m majorly disappointed with the sound forget using these for critical listening you can’t even listen to them for having fun in the end it is really poor sound quality.

I have no doubt about that whatsoever coming to the coal quality the dual mics I don’t know if you can actually see them out here but there are these two holes out here they actually help my voice sounded really clean and crisp to the opposite party. which is definitely a good thing however the environmental noise was exaggerated on my end you can also use a single layer but four calls if you wish anyway listen to this order according to judge the call quality for yourself oh my did integer get up or just make a noise right now boards are constantly to open to leave all this help but to too large to have a physical capacity other products, then let the punch of emotion calm please acknowledge it gently start it out near true now I can be replaced even louder than your voice so again how about now. I’m inside huh yeah so overall the boat air dopes 511 v2, actually hits a lot of boundaries and sixes but fails to win the match now that is because you get a really good design a really attractive design which is also fit in a sturdy case. and apart from that you get good quality you also do get good battery life as well and a rock-solid Bluetooth connection having said that it feels at the one most important parameter for testing audio products and that is the sound quality.

I was not a fan of the sound signature in fact I would suggest cheaper alternatives such as the Oppo w11 the red media but says the real me but skew and the petrol on base budget pro over the both base over the boat air notes 511 v2, for sure especially when it comes to sound quality having said that if you guys do want a pair of your phones or a truly well as your but just for making zoom calls or you know just because you think that the design looks good then these won’t disappoint, but I think that that would make it a one-trick pony so what do you guys think of the boat a dopes 511 v2 do let me know in the comment section

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