Asus Zenfone Lite L1 review:

The Zenfone Light L1 sports a basic polycarbonate design it’s definitely not something that stands out but is certainly far from anything you’d write off the single camera at the back and the Asus branding add to a very minimal look on the phone and I especially like this gray color it reminds me of that sandstone gray that the one beside obviously without the texture that was there but it looks very similar and very classy from the back the buttons are obviously made out of plastic as well but I personally have had no problems with it yet so that’s great the zenfone max same one on the other hand looks exactly like the max Pro M ones younger brother single camera on the back obviously but when you put them side-by-side this looks like you shrunk down the max Pro M one and that actually is a good thing.

The first thing that I felt when I tore out of the box is just how comfortable and compact it is and that is one of the things that even you will notice when you take that out there is definitely no fingerprint scanner on the light l1 but we will get to that in a while as I said with the max M when the light l1 is also very compact and comfortable and is going to be one of the most comfortable phones I am sure that you will ever use you can literally have your shorts keep it in your pocket and go for a run and you will not feel that food in your pocket that that’s just how light it is the bottom has a micro USB port flanked by two speaker grilles and on the top you’ll find the 3.5 mm headphone jack now those speakers obviously only one of them is the speaker on the other grill is only there for symmetry but the one thing that I did have a problem with is that the speaker’s could be slightly louder but that’s it the sound actually sounds quite standard the headphone jack performance is again quite standard – nothing that you’ll have a problem with.

So that’s about it for design and I don’t think I had any such problems with the design now we come to the display the display is a 720p plus panel and it’s great I mean no color shifts and great crisp display that that’s more than what he can ask for at this price the brightness is something that bothers me a bit it could have been slightly higher but this is a price where I can’t really complain they’re obviously compromising on a lot of things to bring down the price and this might be one of them although when you’re using it indoors you won’t have any problems but that said outdoors you might feel that the brightness is slightly low that’s the only complaint I had I haven’t experienced any light bleeds on this panel so that’s great news it obviously comes with the wide whine certificate which means he cannot stream HD video on Netflix well clearly.

If you are someone who wants a white wine l1 certifications which means that you want to stream HD videos or Netflix on things like Netflix then my thing you should look elsewhere maybe a little higher if you want a media consumption device apart from that I don’t think I have any complaints with the display too now we come to performance the chipset powering the Zenfone Light L1 as well as the zenfone max m1 is a Snapdragon 430 now this is as low as chipsets go from start bragging that said I’m glad that unlike the Redmi 6 Ava’s decided to go with an even end up even more underpowered Helio a.22 Asus decided to stick with a 430 from Snapdragon now further is fine for day-to-day usage yes and yes when you stuff it the phone does go under a lot of pressure and starts to lag but generally it does well.

I know I could have installed all the different applications on this but that’s not how it’s going to be used it’s a minimal use phone where you play light games and do some online video watching on YouTube and listen to music maybe sometimes and I’m happy to tell you that all those things work pretty well so at least to me I should only tax to processor 2 the limitations that it has so I could play pubsey on this and this is a gameplay on the max M 1 which is 1 GB more RAM than the light l1 and you can see how choppy the gameplay is you could still certainly play that game if you want to but that will be taxing the processor and it is certainly not made to do that that’s it as I said if you feel like 2 gigs of RAM is low then please do go ahead with the zenfone max m1 which has 3 gigs of RAM and also 1000 mAh battery mode and slightly better selfie camera – at least on paper.

So that’s it for the processing part I did not expect much from it and that’s what I got I was not surprised by the performance that it got but as you will see right now I’m comparing it to the redmi 6 a which is its direct competitor and you can clearly see how quick the zenfone light L one feels in comparison to the redmi 6 a now the software on this is called Zen UI based on android 8.0 Oreo now we’ve seen this before in the Asus zenfone 5 Z but the light l1 and the maximum on are the first two budget phones this year to use this the software is feature packed and it’s quite tastefully painted too there is a Quick Settings panel here along with the NAB draw or something that’s very rare to find in this price range the panel also has some unique features like a memory cleaner which actually right there lets.

You know how much memory is free you also get a few aces proprietary apps like the neat looking file manager that has every file and everything tucked away very cleanly or the phone manager that again comes in handy and a lot of times the good part here is that there is not a lot of bloatware apart from one or two apps which makes it quite clean plus you won’t find ads in the settings page which has sadly become important to point out now one thing I have a problem with is face unlock on this there is no fingerprint scanner so face unlock is the only way to unlock this phones but it just takes really too long for the face to even register and when it does it has failed to unlock my face in most situation now that might certainly be because it’s a pre-production unit but this is my experience and I haven’t gotten an OTA to fix it so yeah that’s the extent of it now apart from that when we come to software a so has done a good job of cutting the UI down.

The launcher also has the Google now page to the left side which obviously lets you take a look at all the feeds all the different news that you’re getting there is a theme engine inside this blog there are different power saving modes and all the battery information that you would want but yeah that’s it basically it’s got a lot of useful features without being overpowering now the camera at the back of the issue same phone light l1 is a 13 megapixel sensor now at this price anything that lets me recognize what’s in the picture will do and the Zenfone Light L1 is certainly above the Hat point and so on other phones in this price range it does struggle with exposure focus also struggles in a lot of situation that said pictures don’t look half bad here are pictures tagged against that I’d be 6a which is a direct competitor now comparing the to the red nice except does have slightly better image processing slightly better images as you can see the zenfone obviously blurs out lot more pictures.

Than the red means 6a does even the selfies on the 6a look better there is obviously beautification going on but it looks slightly better than the Zenfone Light L1 that said I don’t think I’m gonna compare the cameras of the two but that’s clearly the camera on the zenfone lied l1 is faster than the one on the redmi 6s so so i guess you have to make one or the other trade-off and you have to choose which one is going to be the front camera again isn’t too bad it’s a five megapixel shooter and all i can say is that it doesn’t disappoint for a rupees 6000 phone here we can again compare it to at me 6 it’s me the same thing again don’t expect great pictures out of it the phone does take a lot of bloody short simply because it’s a budget phone for now now for video calls though the camera is enough and even easily video chat on it without a problem the front camera back camera anything so I guess for the basic functions of the phone the camera is competent enough.

Now we can finally move to the bat fee which is a 3000 mAh battery which will easily last you a day of use but that’s it in my time with it I don’t know what it was but the battery did drop faster than I expected but don’t get me wrong it’s still as good as any other phone in its price range but from a Seuss’s phone after zenfone max pro m1 at leas I expected it to be slightly better maybe a few software optimizations will make the battery go even longer but yeah that’s it that’s what I felt in my usage of it the zenfone max M one obviously has thousand mAh more on.

The battery side with almost everything else remaining just about the same as the light L one so you’ll obviously be getting much more battery life out of it so if you’re someone who values battery life more and you want that extra gig of ram then please go ahead by all means to the zenfone max m1 now I’ve said all that I could about this phone in the review so I didn’t go ahead and pause it again if you want but after all that critiquing I still think that it’s the best phone to buy under 6000 rupees it’s a very standard budget phone and the direct competitor of it is there a b6 e now the red b6 say I have to say has better pictures from the camera all the image samples look slightly better from the red musics a software is something.

Which is a personal choice I would certainly go with the Zenfone Light L1 because of the Zen UI and just a faster it is compared to the MIUI on the redmi 6 a build quality is pretty similar you might like the one you might like the other both of them are completely made of plastic so that’s that processor is one place where although the light l1 has used a very budget processor the red mystic sages falls flat on its face for that choice so I think the light l1 is almost in every area better than the red mystic safe for me and if I had to recommend a phone under 6000 then eyes closed it’s going to be the Zenfone Light L1.

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