ASUS ZenBook Duo UX481 Review:

The Asus Zen-book duo does a lot of things differently it starts from the outside with the shift to its new design language whether Asus logo has been pushed to the side interestingly the trend continues inside where the keyboard and the touchpad have been shifted right to the bottom edge to fit the screen pad plus over here the laptop feels a bit bulky but then again I won’t make a fuss about it that said the laptop isn’t that portable no not because of its weight but the overall design you see trying to use this laptop on your lap is really hard in fact even while using on a desk I need to distance myself from the system to reach an ergonomic position as a result you can’t really use it extensively on the go the laptop comes with the company’s logo left hinge which lifts.

The laptop up this time however isus is also providing a new foldable stand it comes with the laptop and it really does work well in lifting the laptop up and making it easier to use while also cooling things down speaking about the accessories the laptop also comes with a stylus for the screen pad plus it’s actually fairly easy to use and works quite well well kind of well if you’re using it in the right apps now there’s also supposed to be a wrist rest for the laptop which to be honest in my opinion is a necessity more than an added accessory sadly though asus has made it a separate accessory and you will have to buy it on your own another accessory that’s provided in the box is the sleeve cover it looks decent but truth be told it doesn’t feel that good also the fit is too tight and I feel giving it for free was the right decision the speakers here I located at the bottom and they don’t sound that good to be honest they’re just not loud enough that’s it I’ve already mentioned that this laptop is meant to be used on a desk.

So in that kind of a setup the sound actually bounces up and the audio isn’t that bad as for connectivity the Zen-book duo does come with its fair share of ports you get a DC charging port followed by a full size HDMI port a USB 3.0 port and a USB type-c port on the left side over to the right side you get another USB 3.0 port a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a micro SD card slot typically I would be satisfied with the collection of ports that we have with the Zen-book tool but to be honest it’s almost 20/20 now and I really don’t see why there’s no type-c charging here I just hope that Asus pushes for USB power delivery in all of its new range of laptops coming next to you I usually keep a section dedicated to the display but here we have not one but two displays the main display up top is a full HD display with Pantone certification there is also 4k whole adoption that obviously looks better but the one here is no slouch either you get a perfect 100% srgb score with amazing viewing angles as well there is hardly anything to complain about the display at least.

The main one I saw the screen pad plus it does pack in a lot of features so by default windows recognizes it as an extended display allowing you to stretch your windows all the way down that said the best use case is to use it to open different apps to work easily while getting a live view in the other active apps also as I said previously the best part about this is that rather than leaving it as a secondary display issues has bundled a lot of enhancements to the screen pad plus making it a wholesome experience [Music] I’ve talked about the keyboard and the touchpad slightly in terms of the design but I wanna address some pointers now apart from the design like I really want to use the word floor so let’s just say constraints because there was no other place to fit both the keyboard and the touchpad the keyboard has a really nice deep travel to it and it makes just the right amount of noise to give you a hint of mechanical feel the touchpad – while being super small works really well in fact it even comes with Windows position drivers though.

The space is too small to actually make use of the gestures in real time overall I think asus has done a fantastic job with the limited space that they had as a user yes you would have to make some compromises and I’ll be addressing that in the video later on [Music] in terms of performance our unit here comes with a 10th gen Intel Core i5 processor coupled with an MX 250 GPU and eight gigs of ram do note that both these chipsets are mobile grade chipsets as such while there is a secondary display onboard and even the main displays Pantone calibrated I cannot recommend that you go about editing videos on this thing to be fair it can handle Photoshop just fine but tasks like Premiere Pro or da Vinci really push it to the limit also the battery life isn’t that great in my testing I was maxing everything out using both the displays at full brightness with lots of web browsing and background music play as a result.

The laptop could only manage just about four hours of battery backup which is somewhat to be expected so is the Asus Zen-book do actually worth it well recall how I said that you will be making some compromises I think that’s the general outline of the Asus Zen-book duo you gain some and then you lose some so what do you gain well you get a secondary display that also supports pen and touch input combined with a Souza’s software add-ons.

You can actually use it for a lot of things but what about the compromises well you lose out on organ or makes you lose out on portability and you lose out on battery life too which basically makes you wonder who exactly is the Zen-book 2a4 ideally any person out there will definitely benefit from having a second screen however if the cons that are talked about affect your use case you may not want to invest in this at its price the Zen-book do is definitely attractive the gain in productivity is something I personally am okay with despite the loss of mobility that said it may not be the case for you and in very much the same sense the laptop may not be for you well that was my review of the Asus Zen-book duo but what about you guys that’s the dual display form factor actually appeal to you and would you guys be interested in buying one let me know in the comments down below.

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